Prepaid phone plans

So far, US Mobile prepaid plans have saved our customers

$ 12.8 Million

Why switch to a prepaid phone plan?

prepaid phone plans


Prepaid plans comes without coverage charges or other surprises at the end of the month. You pay for what you need.


Just add your credit card and get access to your personal dashboard with a full overview of your plan and usage.


You're not locked into a contract and can come and go as you please.


Customize your plan with 392 different options. You can upgrade and downgrade month-to-month at no extra cost.


US Mobile customer

Never made me feel dumb. Love US Mobile!
I've been with US Mobile for well over a year now, and converted my parents over to it last year. We don't use a lot of minutes or data, so a company like US Mobile is perfect. We get away for less than $10 per line per month, a fraction of the $100+ we were paying before. They'll even help you unlock your phones for transfer onto US Mobile. Excellent customer service.

How prepaid works out cheaper than postpaid

Prepaid service

With prepaid carriers like US Mobile you can bring your own phone, or buy an unlocked phone from us. Since we don’t subsidize the cost of your phone we pass that savings down to you with our ridiculously cheap monthly plans.
Our plans start at $4 per month, and are fully customizable to your needs. If something changes and you realize you don’t need 1000 minutes, but you need 300 minutes you can change your plan next month without any issues. Since we’re no contract, if you’re unhappy you can cancel at anytime (no hard feelings).

Postpaid service

A postpaid phone service is contractual, and you won’t know until the end of the month what your phone bill will be. It usually entitles you to discounts on the upfront cost of your phone, or you get it for free.
However, you’re locked in for two years at a set price, your monthly bill tends to be much higher, and you are not able to change your plan freely.

US Mobile’s Prepaid Plans

We believe in your freedom to customize your talk, text and data, which is why we have 392 possible plan combinations. If you need to top up during the month, you can do so without overage charges. What you see in our plans, is what you pay.