All new Unlimited International Plans and more!

All new Unlimited International Plans and more!

We launched US Mobile International eSIM plans almost two years ago. Since then, our International plans have been used tens of thousands of times. This year as COVID restrictions and qualms fully ease, we’re on track to see that usage more than double.

Last week, we released a series of features, new plans, and plan improvements that are the most significant to date. Here’s what we’ve done so far (plus a sneak peek into what’s coming next):

Better Plans

All new Unlimited Regional Plans

Most of our local data plans you buy for specific countries have always let you use your data in different countries. Our Unlimited Regional Plans for International eSIM functionality extends that flexibility and affordability to jet-setting customers who need access to email, business apps, live maps, web and social network when they’re abroad for extended periods of time with unlimited data. See the plans in our apps.

All new Unlimited International Plans and more!

Improved Local Data Plans

We didn’t forget about users who don’t need unlimited. We added more data options with better prices and revamped the menu, so it’s even easier to use.

Smoother Onboarding experience

We’ve made a few changes to the flow that will make your onboarding experience even smoother.

One eSIM for Multiple plans

We’ve now made it possible to add multiple plans to the same eSIM. This means that once you’ve bought and installed an International eSIM from us, you won’t have to buy and install another eSIM for your next destination. Instead, you can just add another plan and use it.

Automatic APN settings for iOS

Moving forward APN settings for all iOS devices in any country, and for Android devices in most countries should set themselves automatically. That’s less time adjusting settings and more time traveling.

Line naming

You can now add a Line Name to your International eSIM line so that’s it easier to find when you have multiple eSIMs for yourself or your party in your account. Here’s a video showing you how to buy and install an International eSIM plan.

See how to use all these new features and add international eSIM plans below:

Usage reporting

Last week, we brought usage tracking to International eSIM plans. It’s a non-trivial task because we receive different types of data from different carriers in different countries through our network partner. We get hundreds and thousands of data points every few minutes. This data then has to be processed quickly enough into something to display to users.

For the first part of the problem, parsing and aggregating the massive amount of data, we relied on the multi-stage data pipeline and process we had invested in which made things like Usage Analytics and Pooled Plans possible.

The second part was presenting all that data in a meaningful and actionable way. Unlike Usage Analytics for domestic US lines, where we present historical data and show patterns, the challenge with International eSIM plans is to reduce complexity. We need a simple interface that quickly shows how much data is used and how much is remaining. Every user who sees the meter should immediately get a good sense of whether they are running out of data and/or need more.

All new Unlimited International Plans and more!

What’s next?

Offline Help

Our next app release will have a functionality that will save and cache all help articles, installation, and setting guides in your app so that they are available offline, even if you don’t have an internet connection.

Even More coverage

We’re expanding the countries where customers can use our International eSIM Plans, and concurrently also working with network partners to broaden the number of carriers in each country with who can get service.

Different types of plans

Travel varies. It’s completely different for different people. That’s why we don’t think the types of plans that we have are enough. In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be working on expanding the types of plans we offer — from 7-day plans to 90-day plans, more countries, global plans etc. Please let us know in the comments below if there is something particular you’d like to see.

Native Carrier Roaming

We’re also working with our domestic network partner to bring carrier roaming through them. Not only does this mean you’ll be able to text and call from abroad, but you’ll also be able to use data without installing another eSIM.

Global by USM

Our standalone international roaming product is growing. The user context is very different around roaming phone plans for traveling vs phone plans for use in their home country and needs to to engage differently. That’s why we’re also building a standalone app for international roaming phone plans. The other advantage of having a separate app is faster development time, ease of updating, and the ability to explore and implement different user experiences.