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Have you ever been in a situation when you went shopping and wanted to buy a specific product but it’s only available in bundles or in larger quantities? Isn’t it painful letting it go? Wouldnt it be better if that product would have been available individually and in different quantities? Considering that US Mobile offers custom plans for its customers.

What are custom plans?

The best plan you can think of is an unlimited all plan with a minimum price. But for us, the best plan is what you want in your plan. What if you don’t want unlimited texts in your plan? Let’s say you need a small number of minutes and few GBs data per month, we’ve got your back on this. With US Mobile you can tailor your plan as per your need and pay for what you will use. Isn’t it amazing that you can get a plan for $1.5? Can it possibly get better than this? Want me to tell you more about it?

Here’s what we offer in custom plans:

MinutesTexts Data(MBs)

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If you want to get on a custom plan, you can start with ordering your Starter KIT from your US Mobile Account. Once you get the starter kit, you can get a new number or port in your line to us along with the custom plan you want.

get your custom plan with US Mobile

You might be concerned that what if I run out of something in the custom plan. Don’t worry about that, we will back you up with that. Once your plan reaches up to 90% consumption, we will notify you via email so that you can avoid the hassle. You will also receive an email from our end once your plan is fully utilized. Once you receive an email from our end, you can simply top up your plan for the rest of the month to enjoy the uninterrupted services.

We are offering custom plans on both Super LTE and GSM LTE networks. Data in the custom plan comes with a free hotspot and Ludicrous speeds. Moreover, regular texts and minutes in your plan allow you to receive international calls and texts as well.

Let’s make your own plan and pay for what you need!

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