small business phone plan comparison

The top 6 small business phone plans: side by side analysis

Running a small business is hard enough – you shouldn’t have to worry about your phone service on top of everything else. That’s why we’ve put together this side-by-side comparison of some of the best small business phone plans available. Whether you need unlimited nationwide data or just want a plan that won’t break the bank, we’ve got you covered. Check out our list and find the perfect plan for your business!

Things to know before you buy

There are a few things to know before you begin the hunt for your business phone plan. 

How much data you need depends on the nature of your business. Sending large files, doing video calls, and streaming content from the web are heavy-duty tasks for data usage. Conversely, email, social media, and instant messaging use very little data.

Coverage is one of the most important parts – without it, you’d be out of touch! Take advantage of a free trial if possible to make sure you’re getting the speed and reliability you need.

Many carriers offer introductory deals that come with “free” devices (with an asterisk mentioning that you’re getting reimbursed in the form of bill credits, you have to sign up for autopay, you can’t change your plan for 3 years, and if the device breaks you’ll have to pay for it). Stay aware, and bring your existing devices if you can before making any major commitments.

Of course, customer service is a must. Nobody likes waiting on the phone for hours on end. Get a taste of how customer service works by creating an account and calling the hotline or starting a chat.

Premium data is a hot topic, particularly in areas with lots of cellular traffic. If you have premium data, it means you’re in a prioritized “fast lane.” When a cell tower is receiving loads of traffic, you’ll get connected faster and more reliably on a premium data plan.

Unlimited plans

For unlimited talk, text, and data, look no further! Here’s a roundup of what’s on the market.

T-Mobile Business Unlimited Select

A solid, mid-tier Unlimited plan.

  • $150/month (plus taxes & fees) for 6 lines
  • 50 GB premium data
  • 5 GB hotspot data
  • 480p SD video streaming quality

T-Mobile combines a great price with a functional plan, rendering their Business Unlimited Select product a smart choice for businesses that use a lot of data. Be wary of the throttling policy, as your speeds will decrease dramatically after 50 GB.

Jet-setters and field workers may be disappointed by the 5 GB hotspot allowance. If you want more data, you’ll have to jump right up to a 50 GB hotspot on the pricier Advanced plan.

If you’re interested in simple, dependable service and a plan that will keep your team connected, T-Mobile brings a solid offering to the table.

US Mobile: Unlimited Premium

Cream of the crop! The best Unlimited plan.

  • $180/month (plus taxes & fees) for 6 lines
  • 100 GB premium data
  • 50 GB hotspot data
  • 1080 SD video streaming quality

If you want a plan that crosses the t’s and dots the i’s, Unlimited Premium is your perfect choice. With more Premium Data than anything in this price range, it’s a steal! Plus, the bang for your buck continues with a whopping 50 GB of hotspot for all those on-the-go connectivity needs.

It’s everything you need, and then some. For an extra $30, you’re getting double the Premium Data and 10 times the hotspot data compared to T-Mobile. If you have a bit of wiggle room for the pricing, we strongly recommend US Mobile’s Unlimited Premium plan.

AT&T Business Unlimited Starter

The worst unlimited plan.

  • $180/month (plus taxes & fees) for 6 lines
  • No premium data.
  • 5 GB hotspot data
  • 480p SD video streaming quality

After catching your breath from the sticker shock, the most affordable AT&T business phone plan leaves you wondering why?

The lack of premium data, capped video streaming quality, and pitiful amount of hotspot data is a big head-scratcher for any tech-savvy business owner. Sure, AT&T boasts a robust range of network coverage across the country, but the features do not match the price.

Comcast Business Mobile – Unlimited Data

Ideal for few.

  • $160/month (plus taxes & fees) for 6 lines
  • 20 GB high-speed data on 5G and LTE
  • Unlimited data on 5G UWB or C-band
  • 600 kbps hotspot data
  • 480p SD video streaming quality

Comcast Business Mobile requires Comcast Business Internet service, so this option is really only recommendable if you’re an existing customer. The perks and features are decent, with Unlimited 5G UWB and C-band service being the highlight. However, the price tag and lack of truly unlimited data outside of these zones are both drawbacks.

The hotspot speeds are very poor and likely unsuitable for any businessperson that is doing more than simple email and Google Docs. Video and audio calls along with streaming will suffer, especially so after connecting more than one device.

Overall, Comcast Business Mobile comes across as one of those add-ons that a sales rep tries to convince an IT manager to purchase because it’ll bring the cost of their other Comcast services down.

Comparison chart: Unlimited plans

PlanUS Mobile: Unlimited PremiumT-Mobile SelectComcast Business MobileAT&T Starter
Talk & TextUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Premium Data100 GB50 GB20 GBN/A
Hotspot50 GB5 GBUnlimited**5 GB
Cost for 6 lines*$180$150$160$180
*plus applicable taxes and fees.
**capped at up to 600 kbps speeds

Custom and By-the-Gig plans

These plans are ideal for use in tracking devices, security cameras, and employee devices that have varying needs. If the ability to create a custom plan with transparent pricing and flexible data options sounds like your cup of tea, then check these plans out!

US Mobile: Pooled Plans

The best customizable plan.

  • $9/line plus $2/GB
  • $116.88/month (taxes & fees included!) for 6 users sharing 30 GB
  • Hotspot data included
  • 1080p HD video streaming quality
  • Warp Speed 5G

US Mobile provides a customizable solution with the finest customer service experience in the industry. The structure of Pooled Plans enables IT admins to analyze and interpret data usage on the fly from the web or mobile app. With no commitments on this plan, data allotments can be readjusted at any time to match your team’s usage.

Hotspot data is included in the amount of data you purchase. And when you’re in the range of 5G, you’ll get to experience low-latency downloads at incredible speeds.

US Mobile for Business is ideal for support, customizability, and a shifting workplace whose data needs may vary. Plus, the low price point pulls it all together as an unbeatable business plan.

Google-Fi Flexible

Hemorrhage thousands of investor dollars with the worst possible customizable plan!

  • $16/line plus $10/GB
  • $396/month (plus taxes & fees) for 6 users sharing 30 GB
  • Hotspot available at $10/GB
  • 15 GB high-speed data

It’s almost criminal to see Google charging such a premium for this low-quality cellular package. Not only is this service 3x more expensive than US Mobile for Business, but it doesn’t include taxes & fees, doesn’t include hotspot, and only gives users 15 GB of usage before their data slows to near-unusable speeds.

If you are a business owner considering Google-Fi Flexible, STAY AWAY!

Comparison chart: By-the-Gig

PlanUS Mobile: Pooled PlansGoogle-Fi Flexible
Cost per line$9$16
Cost per Gig$2$10
Cost for 6 lines sharing 30 GB$116.88$396*
*plus applicable taxes and fees


If you’re running a data-hungry business that requires sending large files and doing video calls on the go, you’re likely leaning toward T-Mobile’s plan. This plan lets you take the hands off the steering wheel for a premium price; whether you need it or not, you’ll have plenty of data.

T-Mobile isn’t exactly a champion of customer service, though, so keep this in mind. The last thing you need as a small business owner is connectivity troubles with nobody to help.

To make matters worse, the hotspot data is not customizable, so if you need hotspot in any capacity, we can’t recommend this plan.

To make the most of your budget and ensure you’ll get answers to your questions within minutes, US Mobile for Business provides a superior phone plan.

By chatting with a specialist, US Mobile will help estimate the perfect amount of data for your needs. With customizable data allotments, the plan will grow as your business grows – no need to pay for data you’re not using. Tracking data usage and adjusting your plan accordingly can be accomplished within minutes from your account dashboard.

One of the best parts about US Mobile is that their support team is available 24/7, which means you’ll never have to wait for business hours to get the answers you need. They understand how important it is for your business to stay connected and will go above and beyond to make sure that’s exactly what happens.

If you’re ready to take the next step and revolutionize the way your business keeps connected, reach out to us using the form below and we’ll take care of the rest!