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How to choose the best phone plan for your business

Are you dissatisfied with the phone plan for your business? Or have you reached the point where it’s time to get a separate phone plan for work? 

Wherever you are in your journey, it’s important to know that the way you keep connected with your customers and employees can make or break your success.

Here, we’ll break down the most important things to consider when choosing a phone plan for your business.

How much data does your company need? 

With unlimited plans, there are many options. Both prepaid and contract networks offer unlimited plans with varying levels of coverage, speed, and commitment.

If your business is looking for customizability – prepaid MVNOs like US Mobile will be your best bet. These plans are often cheaper and give you more control over your spending. With no contracts or commitments, a prepaid plan can be changed at any time, delivering flexibility and adaptability for you and your employees.

If you’re the tinkering type, you’ve got to try out the new Plan Builder. You can mix and match to create over 400+ unique plan offerings, perfectly tailored to the needs of your business.

the US Mobile Plan Builder shows a customizable phone plan maker

Depending on your company’s structure, you might need different kinds of phone plans. At US Mobile we have two ways to get connected:

  • Individual Lines
  • Pooled Plans

Individual Lines

Individual lines provide a set amount of talk, text, and data for one particular phone number. You can choose a premade plan, like Unlimited Premium or a 5 GB bundle. This type of line can also be customized and built exactly how you want it.

Pooled Plans

Pooled Plans are an awesome way for business owners to get a singular data plan that serves the whole company. If your team requires data but you’re unsure how much each individual will use, you can create Pools for each department, team, or a company-wide option that covers everyone. This can be a highly economical alternative to purchasing a plan for each individual team member.

How to choose the best phone plan for your business

Pooled Plans in action

For example, you can set up a 50 GB Pool for your team of 20 employees. Each employee will have unlimited Talk & Text, and they will collectively draw from the 50 GB Pool. So while an employee might have a data-heavy month and use 20 GB, the others might only need a few GB, and your costs are determined upfront – no surprises!

If you’re running low on data, it’s easy to Top Up and add more data. Since Pooled Plans are contract-free, you can also make adjustments and reduce/increase the data allotment each month.

Where do you need coverage?

Do you do business locally or does your team travel across the nation? Taking advantage of carriers offering a free trial can ensure that you get the coverage you need before making any commitments.

If business happens primarily in one location, then you’ll want to focus on finding a business phone plan with the best coverage in that area. But if your business needs reliable coverage across the country, then you’ll need to find a business phone plan with nationwide coverage.

Order a Starter Kit and you’ll receive two SIM cards for two fantastic networks so that you and your team can pick the finest service for your region.

Bringing your business worldwide? You’ll need to make sure you have options for International Roaming. With eSIM technology, you’ll find it incredibly easy to activate a new line remotely, without using a physical chip.

Will you bring or buy your device(s)?

How to choose the best phone plan for your business

Already have your own devices? Awesome! Just make sure the devices are either unlocked or compatible with your chosen carrier.

Need to purchase new devices? Postpaid plans often offer financing options when signing their contracts. Be mindful, however, of the potential drawbacks of making up to a three-year commitment to a wireless carrier. Employees that move to a new location or damage their device may render it unusable with no option but to complete the contract, racking up additional expenses for making replacements.

An easier way to break up payments over the course of weeks to months is by using Affirm. With Affirm, you can finance pretty much anything you buy online, with interest rates and installment plans made crystal clear upfront. We’ve got Affirm built-in to the Shop, so browse around for a phone that fits you and your team’s needs!

Can you easily access Customer Service?

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Already running a business? You have enough on your plate. Cycling through endless menus and robot-dictated options is a total productivity-killer. You don’t need to spend time on hold waiting for a representative. US Mobile offers 24/7 customer service at no extra cost. When you’re in a pinch, you’ll get help from a real human within minutes! 

Better yet, a business plan with US Mobile means you’ll have access to a personal account manager during standard American business hours, Monday through Friday. They’ll know you by name and understand how to optimize your service to match the way you do business.

Customer Service can make or break one’s experience with a wireless carrier, so prioritizing this aspect of the carrier you ultimately choose is sure to make for a frictionless experience for you and your team.

All things considered, connectivity, speed, affordability, and support are essential in choosing a wireless plan for your business. Some carriers excel in one of these areas, while US Mobile leads the industry across the board. Discover what a business plan at US Mobile can do to help you grow your business and keep your team connected.