Business Plans

Our Business Page is Live – Connecting All Devices

Our Business Page is finally launched and ready to connect all types of devices! Developing a dedicated business page for connected devices was a natural next step and was supported by testimonials like below:

US Mobile allows us to use their SIM cards on any connected device. We use their SIM cards in our GPS trackers to monitor equipment around the country.

The customer support I received was second to none. They’re fast, efficient, and actually, a pleasure to call. I’ve even spoken to them after midnight!

We know we go on and on about how flexible and affordable plans we have, but there is a reason for it. Let’s say you just want a text plan to support your alarm system or GPS tracker. For $4 per month, you have a wireless connection that supports the average need of a home security system—more about that on our Alarm Page. $4 is hard to beat!

SIM Cards at Bulk Discount Pricing

If you are a business owner needing multiple lines, you can also take advantage of our SIM card bulk pricing. When you add multiple SIM cards on the  SIM Starter Kit page, the discount is applied automatically. Pricing looks as follows:

# of SIM Cards         1-9       10-99    100-999 1,000-4,999   5,000+
Price per SIM       $3.99        $3.00          $2.50        $2.00        $1.50

We believe business owners should get wireless connectivity, simply, at a great value. By switching to US Mobile, a small business with 20 lines of average talk text and usage will save approx. $13,000 per year.

If you have a business account, you will also access our real-time business account dashboard. The dashboard allows you to monitor all lines’ usage and top-up when you are running low. To make it as simple as possible, we provide you with one monthly invoice for all lines in your business account.

We hope you will enjoy our page and the new offer. Feel free to email us for more information about partnerships.