Smartwatch using a Smart Device Plans

Getting An Affordable Plan For Your Smart Device

As an owner of a smart device, you’re likely using a SIM card to get connected. A smart device is an electronic device connected to other devices or networks, like an alarm, GPS, smartwatch, car, thermostat, etc. 

Currently, there are about 8 billion connected things in play globally. By the year 2020, Gartner forecasts that IoT (Internet of Things) will reach 20 billion! All devices won’t need a cellular connection. However, if your device has a slot for a SIM card, you know that it needs a GSM connection. Since US Mobile is a GSM carrier, our service is compatible with these types of connected devices.

Different Smart Devices Need Different Plans

Our a la carte approach to plans makes them well suited for IoT. The pricing matrix allows you to customize a cellular plan for your device.

Cheap Cell phone plans

Many of our customers are already using our plans for other devices than phones and tablets. Therefore, we can provide you with some guidance on your device’s usage based on our current users.


When it comes to alarms, two popular alarms at US Mobile are Reolink and Kerui. Alarm systems usually need texts or/and minutes, which means that plans start at $4/month (for text only), including fees. To get more insight on home security, visit our Alarm Plans Page.

GPS Trackers

Similar to alarm systems, many GPS Trackers need GSM connectivity. Reachfar and ATian are two examples of trackers using our GSM SIM card. Trackers usually need data to support the tracking functionality. It’s also common for the GPS to send out notifications per text message. Therefore, a combination of data and text for $6/month is a suitable base plan. Depending on how you use your GPS, you might need to add more data, but you can change your plan with ease through your personal dashboard at US Mobile.


The most popular connected car among our users is Audi but rest assured – the SIM card works in all connected cars. A data-only plan is the best way to go with a connected car. According to our internal data, the usage differs widely from 250 MB and 6 GB per month, so we advise you to start with 1 GB per month and check your personal usage before making any potential adjustments.


A smartwatch differs from other smart devices we’ve mentioned, as they commonly need talk, text, and data. The reason is that many of these wearables actually works like a simplified phone (or an advanced GPS tracker, if you will). Two examples are MyFilip and Tinitell, which are smartwatches designed for kids. Our talk, text, and data plans start at $9/month (again, including all fees), which is a good plan to start with if you have a GSM-connected smartwatch.

We hope this will provide some much-needed guidance in the jungle of IoT devices and plans out there. We welcome feedback and questions, so leave a comment in the box below.