Enabling The Future of Connectivity With eSIM

Enabling The Future of Connectivity With eSIM

eSIMs don’t typically get as much attention as innovations like 5G speeds that outpace home WiFi or instantaneous facial recognition, but they’re still important. For years, eSIM has been the nascent, quiet revolution in telecom. But now, everything is changing.

The internet’s ubiquity makes the impact of eSIM more significant; we’re constantly connected through our phones, cars, security systems, wearables and laptops. Envision a world where you can scan a QR code and connect your phone, watch, drone, or grandma’s iPad from across the country. That world is opening up to you in this moment with US Mobile eSIM activation.

eSIM: streamlining the 5G revolution

The potential for enhanced connectivity offered by eSIMs will proliferate alongside 5G and unlock its full impact. With 5G, the density of devices that can connect is magnitudes higher than 4G, and consumers and brands will be looking to tap into that. Building and connecting those devices using physical SIM cards is impractical considering the amount of devices that 5G has the bandwidth for. 

Right now, manufacturers build SIM-less devices, deliver to brands, then brands (or consumers) get SIMs delivered from carriers, insert them into the device, and repeat the last 2 steps if they ever want to change cellular plans. This sort of deployment is already time-consuming and resource-intensive, given the overall effort involved.

For example, think about foot-traffic sensors for stores—if Gap wanted to install sensors in all their stores, they’d have to receive a batch of devices from a manufacturer, a batch of SIM cards from a carrier, install the SIM cards, and then ship them back out to stores. 

I’ve reported on 5G at length, showcasing a variety of industries that are changing with the help of eSIM technology:

With 5G-equipped stores, stadiums, and public transit systems, we can and will want to connect 10 times more devices. But, without eSIMs, that deployment will be nightmarish. Making any changes also becomes exponentially large in terms of cost and time. With eSIM, on the other hand, the manufacturer would embed the eSIM into the device, ship it directly to the stores, and plans can be provisioned remotely. If Gap ever wanted to change their connectivity provider, they could do it from a dashboard. 

eSIM makes it easier for you to keep connected

It’s the same thing for consumers as well. Imagine having to replace SIMs in dozens of devices like the one in the dash of the car, the SIM in that wire-free camera on the roof, and the iPhones and tablets that a family has spread out all over the house.

In today’s digital world, physical SIM cards are becoming obsolete. While 5G vanguards the connectivity revolution, eSIMs will digitize that connectivity and spark new ecosystems of connected devices and services that will transform the way we live and work, similar to how the internet digitized and democratized retail.

We’ve designed the best eSIM experience for you!

US Mobile was created as a tech-focused carrier with a versatile platform to adequately reach the needs of our rapidly changing and diverse audience. With eSIM, you are no longer limited by physical SIM cards or other logistical constraints. Our Connectivity OS is the most natural, user-friendly and advanced platform that can take advantage of this new hardware ecosystem.


Activating your monthly phone plan or getting connected in a foreign country is a breeze with eSIM. We’ve built out the framework for an incredibly pleasant experience that only takes a few minutes. Making the change from a physical SIM has never been more enticing.

The US Mobile eSIM platform offers users the ability to instantly connect in over 150 countries worldwide.

Our team is extremely excited to see how our users will take advantage of the Connectivity OS’s flexibility in combination with eSIMs. The incredible team at US Mobile has continued our customer-first design ethos, resulting in a best-in-class eSIM product. We’ve designed the eSIM experience from the ground up with customer feedback in mind, and we think you’ll be impressed by how simple it is to use.

If you’ve been waiting for eSIM support to come to US Mobile, the wait is finally over! You can now try an eSIM data plan for 10 days free of charge in the app or on our website.