Enhancing Mix & Match and Sunsetting Unlimited All

Enhancing Mix & Match and Sunsetting Unlimited All

As 2022 wraps up, we wanted to share a few things. First of all, thank you for being a member here and sharing your opinion and feedback. Your comments may take you only a couple of minutes to post, but it is invaluable to us. 

I also have some important news about our legacy Unlimited All plan and updates to the Mix & Match multi-line discounts for our Unlimited plans.

Sunsetting Unlimited All

When we introduced Unlimited Basic and Premium plans this May, we stopped offering Unlimited All to new customers. However, we continued to support and enhance Unlimited All plans – grandfathering the plans for our existing customers and allowing additional lines to be added to the account.

However, starting January 1, 2023, existing accounts will no longer be allowed to add more Unlimited All lines to their account. The plan will continue to be grandfathered indefinitely as long as autopay is enabled. And nothing will change with hotspot pricing and multi-line discounts. However, there will be a few more conditions added for legacy Unlimited All lines:

  • Lines cannot be transferred to other accounts.
  • Internal porting between Warp 5G and GSM and vice versa can only occur when changing to a non-grandfathered plan (e.g., Unlimited Premium and Basic)
  • Physical SIM and eSIM swaps are allowed

With respect to autopay, we understand that there may be situations where the payment does not go through. While our autopay attempts payment capture multiple times through the expiration date, there will be a three-day grace period post-expiration to reach out to our product support team and resolve the issue.

Suggested alternatives

Our Unlimited Basic (now with hotspot!) and Unlimited Premium Plans are great alternatives to the Unlimited All plan. Alternatively, you can also take a look at your Usage Analytics to see how much data you actually use per line, and potentially save even more by switching to an Unlimited Bundle.

How to review your usage

  1. Sign in to app.usmobile.com or on the US Mobile app.
  2. On desktop, click on Analytics on the left-hand navigation. On mobile, tap on the line, you’d like to review.
  3. Select the line and type of usage you’d like to view.
  4. Depending on your average usage per month, select a new plan or keep your existing one.

Mix & Match ALL Unlimited Plans 

Last May, we introduced Mix & Match for our Unlimited Basic and Premium plans, allowing the same multi-line discount to work across Unlimited Premium and Unlimited Basic. Starting January 1, 2023, we will allow customers to mix and match their multi-line discounts (with a twist) across Unlimited Premium, Unlimited Basic AND Unlimited All. 

Here’s how it works. First, the multi-line discount on legacy Unlimited All lines will remain the same. The price of the first Unlimited All line is $45, the second line is $30, and the third line and after will be $25 each. Second, the multi-line discount on Unlimited Basic and Unlimited Premium lines will now be based on the total number of lines on Unlimited All, Unlimited Premium and Unlimited Basic plans. Here are a few scenarios illustrating this new structure:

  • With 3 Unlimited All lines and 2 Unlimited Premium lines, the Unlimited All lines will be $25 each, and the Unlimited Premium lines will be $30 each.
  • With 2 Unlimited All lines and 1 Unlimited Basic line, the Unlimited All lines will be $30 each, and the Unlimited Basic line will be $25. 
  • With 1 Unlimited All line and 1 Unlimited Premium line, the Unlimited All line will be $45, and the Unlimited Premium line will be $40.

We hope this change will make it easy for our customers to pick which Unlimited plan works best for their families. We’ve got a lot more to share to start the year as we continue to build the best carrier in the nation.

Happy connecting!

  1. How will perks work under this system? Let’s say I have 2 lines on the old plan, and I add 2 on Unlimited premium.

  2. I am an existing unlimited All customer with 4 lines. I have read this announcement several times and I do not understand this change. It is unclear if it is better for me to stay in my current plan or change. I was satisfied with the plan I have now, so this has added confusion for me.

  3. Hey Mushfiq, thank you for the update. what will this do to multi-line perks?
    currently, I have 5 unlimited-all plans, my ideal situation would be to switch to 3 unlimited premium and 2 unlimited basic, and keep my 2 multi-line perks.

    but I imagine this would result in only getting 1 perk?

    thank you and happy new year.

  4. honestly, this is now taking away what made US Mobile such an attractive option over verizon, t-mobile and then rest.
    the original sunsetting of unlimited all was already a thinly veiled “we have a lot of customers now, lets bring the rates up and make more restrictions to be like the other guys and make more money” plan.

    this is now following track with the big name carriers and the games they play with customer plans and grandfathered plans.

    the ability to swap from verizon’s and t-mobile’s networks was a BIG thing for those that travel and go to areas that have better coverage on one network than another; i know because people i’ve turned on to US Mobile that travel a lot for work or just into areas where this is an issue on a regular basis have raved about that feature.
    locking that behind being on the “latest and greatest” plan is frankly a very obvious money grab.

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