Home Phones. Made Simple

Home Phones. Made Simple

At US Mobile, everything we do is directed towards making your connectivity experience more delightful. Today, we’re adding a bold new offer to propel us in that direction. We’re now offering Home Phone plans with unlimited calling in the US and 200+ countries & regions.

The home phone plan covers every kind of call you can make to any number in the US or abroad. That’s right, you also get unlimited calling to other international numbers. Premium US Mobile features like Enhanced Security, Usage Analytics, and Premium Spam blocking that you’re accustomed to with US Mobile will also be included for free.

All for $9.99/mo. Taxes & fees are included, so you’ll pay just $9.99/mo. And like other line bills on US Mobile, it can be consolidated into one simple monthly bill.

Unlike typical landlines that require a wired physical connection to stay connected, the Home Phone plan will not need one. And unlike other VoIP solutions that require a separate internet connection to work, US Mobile’s Home Phone plans don’t need one either.

US Mobile’s Home Phone plans work by connecting your phone to a base that connects to our partners’ towers in your area. Our base’s (relatively) massive antenna can more reliably connect and amplify reception. This means that voice quality is crystal clear, and the connection is always stable and reliable. Furthermore, the base has a backup battery, and in combination with a corded handset or a batteried handset, you’ll practically be able to get landline service even when power is out.

This isn’t just another launch — it’s a step in becoming your one-stop-shop for everything connectivity, with more epic launches coming soon 🏡

Check out the plan here.