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US Mobile Unveils Exciting New Enhancements: GSM 5G Upgrades, International Roaming, and More!

US Mobile is thrilled to bring a host of new and upgraded features to its platform. From network enhancements to more valuable plan options, here’s a detailed look at what’s new!

New and Improved: GSM 5G

Our commitment to providing top-notch services has led us to launch an upgraded and improved GSM 5G network. This integration, akin to launching an entirely new network, was achieved in under eight weeks, unlocking a plethora of capabilities for our users.

Native Roaming and International Long Distance Calling

Traveling abroad? Our new native international roaming is a game-changer. Starting today, Unlimited Premium plan users will get 10 GB of high-speed internet, 1,000 texts, and 500 minutes in 100 countries, all without any extra steps. And soon, we’ll introduce paid roaming add-ons for other plans in October. No deposits required!

eSIM Activations

Users can now activate their GSM service on eSIM. Whether you’re transferring from a physical SIM or looking to use your iPhone 14 and 15 with GSM 5G, this feature is for you. This integration also facilitates functionalities like Dual Sim Dual Service (DSDS), enabling both GSM and Warp 5G service on a single device.

Enhanced 5G Speeds

Experience 5G Standalone access starting today, which promises near Gig speeds on compatible devices. Thanks to carrier aggregation in the mid-band spectrum, users can enjoy Warp 5G speeds on our GSM 5G network with compatible devices.

Upgraded Plan Offerings

We’ve enhanced our plans based on your feedback:

  • 5GB additional hotspot and an extra 10GB of premium data for our Unlimited Starter Plan.
  • Doubled Hotspot data to 10 GB for our Unlimited Essential plan.
  • 1 GB shared bundle now offers 2 GB.
  • The 500 MB plan is now just $5, making it a perfect fit for new users, kids, seniors, or as a second number.

Automated Top Ups

One of the most anticipated features, Automated Top Ups, is here. Set rules for top-up amounts and automatically recharge your data when it falls below a specific threshold. Unused top-ups even roll over once into the next cycle. It effectively turns any plan into a Pay-as-you-go plan!

Improved Free Trial Offer

To celebrate our revamped free trial, we’re offering users up to $100 in prepaid gift cards to switch lines to US Mobile. A $50 gift card awaits for the first line, and another $50 for a second line.

That’s not all. In the coming weeks, we’re planning a version of a free trial that will let you test coverage on both networks.

Why do we introduce these enhancements and advancements? It’s because of you. Your unwavering support and advocacy have propelled us to where we stand today. As our community grows, we can negotiate lower costs with our network partners, ensuring that the savings come right back to you. The equation is simple: the more you champion our cause and help us expand, the better and more cost-effective plans we can curate for you. Keeping this symbiotic relationship in mind, don’t forget our generous referral program. With it, you can earn hundreds of dollars in Mastercard prepaid cards (usable anywhere) for introducing friends to US Mobile. It’s not just a win for us, but a double-win for you. Let’s continue to grow and innovate together!