How to Effortlessly Update Your Account Information on T-Mobile

Hey T-Mobile users! Need assistance with updating your account information or accessing critical documents? You’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps for managing your T-Mobile account with ease. Whether it’s changing your name, updating your billing address, or tweaking your language settings, we’ve got you covered!

## Updating Essential Account Information on T-Mobile

### Changing Your Name, Birthdate, or SSN

At T-Mobile, your account security is paramount. To change sensitive information like your name, birthdate, or Social Security Number (SSN), follow these steps:

#### Name Changes
Name changes due to marriage, divorce, or spelling errors require documentation:
– Government-issued photo ID
– Social Security card
– Proof of address (utility or bank statement)
– Marriage or divorce certificate

Visit a nearby [T-Mobile retail store]( to submit these documents. For other legal name changes, mail supporting documents and a copy of a government-issued photo ID to:

**US Customers:**
T-Mobile Wireless
PO Box 37380
Albuquerque, NM 87176-7380

**Puerto Rico Customers:**
T-Mobile Executive Response Team
PO Box 191957
San Juan, PR 00919-1957

### Updating Your Social Security Number or Birth Date

To update these details, present relevant documents at any T-Mobile store.

– **Birthdate Change:** Government-issued photo ID
– **SSN Change:** Government-issued photo ID, Social Security card, and proof of address

## Managing Your Billing & E911 Address at T-Mobile

### Billing Address

Only the Primary Account Holder (PAH) or a full access line can update the billing address.

From the **T-Mobile App**:
1. Open the T-Mobile app and log in.
2. Go to **Account > Profile settings > Billing & payments > Billing address**.
3. Enter your updated information and select **Save Changes**.

From ****:
1. Log in to [](
2. Navigate to **Account > Profile Settings > Billing & Payments > Billing address**.
3. Enter the new billing address and select **Save**.

### E911 Address

Your E911 address allows emergency services to locate your device accurately if you need to call 911.

From the **T-Mobile App**:
1. Log in to the app.
2. Select **More > Profile Setting > Line Settings > E911 Address**.
3. Choose the line to change and enter the new address.
4. Select **Save**.

From ****:
1. Log in to [](
2. Go to **Account > Profile Settings > Select Line > Line Settings > E911 Address**.
3. Enter the new address and select **Save changes**.

**Sprint Customers using a T-Mobile SIM card** can use their own [ account]( to update their E911 address:
1. Log in to
2. Select **Manage Device** from the Account Dashboard.
3. Choose the **Options** icon for the desired device and select **Update Wi-Fi Calling E911 Address**.
4. Enter the new address and select **Save**.

## Keeping Tabs on Your T-Mobile Account Activity

### Account Alerts & History

**In the T-Mobile App:**
1. Open the app and go to **Account > Account history**.
2. Choose the category and time range to view history for the past 12 months or last 12 events.

1. Log in to [](
2. Select **Account > Account Activity**.
3. Filter categories and date ranges to view documents from the past 24 months.

**Need in-store documents?** Visit a T-Mobile store for:
– Line Suspension Statements
– Personal Guarantor Agreements
– Plan Change Agreements
– Receipts and more

## Changing Your Language Settings on T-Mobile

**From the T-Mobile App**:
1. Log in to the app.
2. Navigate to **More > Profile settings > Language Settings**.
3. Choose **English** or **Español** and select **Save**.

1. Log in as the PAH.
2. Select your name and navigate to **Profile > Language Settings**.

**Automated Call System**:
– Dial 611 from your T-Mobile device.
– After the IVR greeting, state your preferred language (English or Spanish).

## Call to Action

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Explore more T-Mobile [support articles]( for detailed assistance.

Happy managing, T-Mobile users!