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How To Give Your Kid A Cellphone Without Breaking The Bank

We know that parents are always looking for a way to stay in touch with their children. Luckily, we have easy and affordable solutions that won’t break the bank!

First, you need a phone, but not a shiny, new expensive iPhone. In fact, look in your junk drawer and grab that old cell phone you don’t use any more. Just like when your parents gave you a hand-me-down car when you turned 16, there’s no reason why your kid’s first phone shouldn’t be a hand-me-down too!

Then, it would be best if you had a phone plan. Sure, most of the time, your kid is on WiFi when they’re at home, at a friend’s house, or school, but you want peace of mind knowing that you can reach them EVERYWHERE. You don’t need an expensive, unlimited plan to get that peace of mind.

With US Mobile, you can get low-tiered plans that are perfect for your kids, but not too much that they can abuse it.  For example:

  • 100 minutes for $5 per month (including service fees)
  • 100 texts for $4 per month (including service fees)
  • 100 minutes & 100 texts for $7 per month (including service fees)

Or build your own plan

Whenever I tell friends about your flexible, pay-by-month plans (which are especially great for younger school-aged kids that may need to make a call or send a text once in a while), they say it’s the perfect solution for them. Just put a SIM in a parent’s old phone, and they can make 100 minutes of calls each month for $5!

– Anonymous US Mobile Customer

Steps to Giving Your Kid a Cellphone

  1. Dig up one of your old phones from your junk drawer, or you can get one in our shop
  2. Check to see if it’s unlocked. If not, get it unlocked
  3. Get a SIM Starter Kit
  4. After receiving the SIM activate it, and put it into the phone
  5. Please give it to your kid(s) and tell them that it’s for emergencies only
  6. Pat yourself on the back for being a good parent

I was uncomfortable giving up my brand new iPhone for my young toddler to FaceTime with his grandparents, so I put a US Mobile SIM in an old iPhone, collecting dust in my desk drawer.  Now he can FaceTime them any time (especially on those long car trips).

-Michael, US Mobile parent

Although there are third party applications to track your child’s cell phone usage. You can also do that on your US Mobile Dashboard. And if you have any questions throughout this process, our customer service team is here to help  24/7. Contact us at  [email protected] by calling 1-878-205-0088 or chatting via the chatbox.