US Mobile’s Starter Kit Comes with a GSM and Super LTE SIM Card

US Mobile's Starter Kit Comes with a GSM and Super LTE SIM Card

Why choose a SIM and a network when you can try both and choose whatever is best? This was the question that triggered the launch of  US Mobile’s Starter Kit.

US Mobile operates on the two best networks in the country and to access them, you need either a GSM SIM card or a Super LTE SIM Card. However, as a customer, it is difficult to know which SIM and network that will work best in your area. That’s why we decided to not make you choose, but rather send you both SIM cards so that you can try what works best for you. You get two SIM cards for the price of one, at $3.99. Feel free to do whatever you want with the SIM card you don’t choose to activate. We’ve heard that SIM cards make great gifts to friends or family members 😉

Ordering a Starter Kit at US Mobile

Getting started with us is super easy! Begin by ordering a SIM kit, containing a GSM and Super LTE SIM card. Then, you need to activate your prepaid SIM card and choose between 800+ plans. Yes – we know that’s a lot of plans to choose from but we really want you to find the plan that suits your individual needs. Finally, insert the SIM card into your phone and you’re good to go! We even include a SIM card ejector to make the switch as smooth as can be.

Ordering US Mobile SIM Cards

As always you can bring your phone, keep your number and we won’t hold you to any contracts. If you haven’t checked out our new Super LTE plans yet, we suggest you head over to our Plans page. The unlimited plans are unique on the US market since it lets you decide the data speed.

US Mobile's Starter Kit Comes with a GSM and Super LTE SIM Card

  1. Does the SIM kit have a SIM card tool to remove the SIM card from the phone?

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