Experience Philippines with US Mobile's 9 amazing data plans

Experience Philippines with US Mobile’s 9 amazing data plans

When we talk about South East Asia, there’s a never-ending list of mindblowing travel destinations, Cambodia, Thailand, and not to forget, Indonesia. How about a different destination for now? With more than 7000 islands, the Philippines is home to one of the best beaches, surf spots, wildlife, and volcanoes.

Manila, Cebu, and Makati. These are some of the world’s most beautiful cities in the world, but we were hoping you could do more than that. You certainly can’t visit all the islands, but you can divide your Philippines trip between poles. For instance, visiting the Chocolate Hills in the East or the Island of Fire in the South.

An organized vacation requires planning, rate checks, bookings, and a country like Philipines. We at US Mobile want you to remain connected to the rest of the world while you’re hitchhiking through Manila’s streets or somewhere in the middle of Naked Island. We want you to have a stable network connection for hassle-free travel. Therefore we’ll share the best network providers in the country.

Best network providers in the Philippines

The Philippines has some of the best network providers in the Asia Pacific region. SIM2FLY, Travel Sim Asia, and Orange are some of them. Although these networks have day plans and bundles for a few days, we recommend you stick with a more extended plan due to the high data limits. It’s better safe to be sorry when you’re stuck in one of those islands with an emergency, and you can’t connect with your friends and family.

Price comparison of data plans

CarrierSmall PlanMedium PlanLarge Plan
The Plan5GB – 999 PHP10 GB – 1499 PHP15 GB – 1799 PHP
Sun Cellular1 GB – 399 PHO2 GB – 599 PHP4 GB – 799 PHP
Smart Signature10 GB – 999 PHP20 GB – 1499 PHP30 GB – 1999 PHP

Those are your best options if you want to switch between one island to another, with loads of data. Remember that you should get a sim card from one of the city centers or as soon as you land at the airport. It may seem hard to find a sim card near rice paddies or an underground diving site. And we don`t want you to miss out on Instagramming your journey through the country, especially if you’re with your loved ones.

How do I get these local plans?

You have two options to load data in your sim cards. Either you can pay up at the convenience store or the airport while getting a sim card. Or you can go for one of those ‘E-Load’ signs, which are pretty easy to find in the city. But do know that these plans will require you to present some valid identification, for instance, a passport or an equivalent ID.

In a country like the Philippines, you won`t always be around city centers, and there is a high probability that not all islands will have LTE/4G coverage, so you might have to spend some time with 2G/3G speeds. In such a situation, we would advise you to get an eSim instead. That would save you from the trouble of looking for a convenience store every time you’re on a new destination. Also, why not use the same time surfing or island hopping.

Benefits of using eSim/devices that support eSim

With an eSim, you get an instant data connection as soon as you land in the capital city of Manila. An eSIM takes just a minute to activate, so you don’t need to be concerned about the time spent setting it up at all. You can set up an eSim before you reach the baggage claim counter!

With the Philippines, connectivity can be a hassle, and rightly so. No network can guarantee coverage across 7000 islands, but US Mobile eSims can. You never know with a local network provider. What if the local airport kiosk is closed or there are too many lines to go through. You don’t want to end up in an airport queue on the first day of your vacation. eSims can be your perfect escape hatch to a stress-free vacation, and you’re just one email away from getting one.

As easy as it gets!

Adding an eSim line for Philippines on US Mobile Dashboard.

All it takes to get an eSIM with US Mobile is:

1. Check if your device is eSIM compatible.

2. Sign up and sign in to your dashboard.

3. “Add a line” and choose your plan.

4. Install your digital eSIM, and you’re good to go!

US Mobile Plans

We at US Mobile are always on the lookout for the best cell phone plan possible. Therefore, if your phone is eSim compatible, you will have the ability to connect to all of the networks available—our eSIMs switch to the carrier with the most robust network in a given area through smart coverage. You can check the plans out in more detail here.

Here are the plans available in the Philippines:

1 GB – $5
5 GB – $20

If you are traveling, look no further!

If you are looking for network options for your holiday in the Philippines, have no worries. Your search comes to an end right here with US Mobile. All you need is an eSIM compatible phone, and then you will indeed have the adventure to remember. Besides, who doesn’t love the thought of seeing sea turtles up close while snorkeling at the coral reefs?