How to Build a Cheap Cell Phone Plan?

How to Build a Cheap Cell Phone Plan?

Do you want to save on your cell phone plan too? You’re not the only one though, as all of us are getting back from a pandemic hit the economy, who doesn’t want to save after all?

At US Mobile, we have something for everyone. Whether you want only talk minutes, a necessary talk and text plan or you’re one of those data frenzies. We have got you covered.

How do I build my plan?

  1. Go to US Mobile Plans
  2. Scroll down
  3. Check out our custom plan builder.
Custom plan builder on US Mobile dashboard.

What if you can get up to 75 talk minutes, 50 texts, and 500 MB of data in less than $10 (not including taxes and fees), and that’s not it. You can build a plan of your choice, where you don’t have to worry about extra charges, unused minutes, or texts and save some big bucks.

We understand that high-speed data is the most crucial factor while getting a cell phone plan. In that case, you can get 75 minutes, 50 texts, and 4 GB of data for less than $20 (not including taxes and fees). Isn’t that great? To be able to slash down your fancy $50 or perhaps more expensive plans, which you fail to utilize in a 30-day billing cycle.

If I get a cheap plan, what about my…


You’re probably worried about getting a cell phone plan with an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). And rightly so, the internet is full of all sorts of rumors, such as slower speeds, data limits, and whatnot.

Let’s clear some of those misconceptions here, firstly. Not all MVNOS are the same, isn’t that right? At US Mobile, we have our Super LTE service and GSM LTE service, and guess what. Both have the same rates.


We don’t want you to stay with us if it doesn’t suit you. Therefore, we don’t want you to sign any contract if you get on board, you can enjoy a 14-day risk-free trial period to get the hang of it, and later on, you can always get a refund!

Data Limits

We are not here to prioritize or rank our plans. Our goal is to untangle them so that you can go for whatever rocks your boat. Well, as far as data limits are concerned, we are probably one of those few MVNOS offering unlimited data, provided that you agree to our terms and conditions. But do you need unlimited data? What if you can get 30 GB of data along with unlimited talk and text for $30 or less, 3.5GB with unlimited and text for $15 (not including taxes and fees).

Suppose you use your cell phone to check mail, add a story or two on Instagram, or watch the occasional video clip. In that case, you don’t need that much data, and you’re probably better off with one of our customizable options, which come with ludicrous speed and a free hotspot!

Data speeds

Our custom plans come with ludicrous speed, which by the way, go up to 200mbps, so stream your favorite shows and music, and it shouldn’t be a problem.


Illustration of woman and pet dog sitting and using hotspot on their phone

While you’re consuming high-speed data, we were hoping you could share the same with your friends and family by offering you a free hotspot. You can make your phone a WiFi hotspot, but hey, remember to set a password unless you want freeloaders to use your high-speed data.


So if you’re satisfied with your unlimited talk, text, and 3.5GB plan with ludicrous speed for around $15, you don’t have to compare that to a $10 one with no external features. Do take into account the associated costs and the time spent in choosing a particular plan. We want you to be on a budget but make the most out of it!

We are always here to help

If at any instance, you have questions regarding our plans, pricing, or anything in general.. You can always reach out to us over chat, email, or call. We’re here to make your cell phone plans within your budget hassle-free and enjoyable at the same time with our 24/7 customer service.