Secure Your T-Mobile Account with Free Account Takeover Protection Today

Your security should always be a top priority, especially when it comes to your cellular service. T-Mobile offers an exceptional feature called Account Takeover Protection, designed to prevent unauthorized users from transferring your lines to another carrier. By tightening your account’s security, T-Mobile ensures you’re safeguarded from potential fraud. Let’s dive into what this feature entails and how you can make the most of it.

About T-Mobile’s Account Takeover Protection

Account Takeover Protection is a complimentary service offered to T-Mobile customers. By adding this feature to your lines, you can block unauthorized attempts to transfer your phone numbers. The best part? It’s absolutely free and adds an essential layer of security to your account.

Note: To disable this feature, the Billing Responsible Party must contact T-Mobile directly. For prepaid users, an additional security step is required to turn off the protection.

Who Can Benefit from T-Mobile’s Account Takeover Protection?

This fantastic feature is available to all T-Mobile Postpaid, T-Mobile for Business, T-Mobile Prepaid, and Metro by T-Mobile customers. No matter your plan, you can enhance your account’s security effortlessly.

Steps to Get T-Mobile’s Account Takeover Protection

For T-Mobile Postpaid Accounts:

Although it’s free, there’s a small but important requirement: your line must be registered as the Primary Account Holder or have Full Access permissions. For more details, you can check the Set online permissions page.

To add Account Takeover Protection, simply log in to the T-Mobile app or visit

Add Takeover Protection

For T-Mobile Prepaid Accounts:

Prepaid customers can also easily add this security feature. Just log in to the T-Mobile app or visit using your T-Mobile ID.

Add Takeover Protection

For T-Mobile for Business and Government Accounts:

Given the complexity and number of lines associated with these accounts, it’s best to contact T-Mobile directly for assistance. Their support team will guide you through the process of adding this protection to your account.

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Worried about your security? Take action today by enabling Account Takeover Protection on your T-Mobile account and keep potential fraudsters at bay. Your peace of mind is just a few clicks away.

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