A close-up of the Nothing Phone (2) lying on a bed of grass and soil, showcasing its dual-camera system and internal components illuminated by natural light.

Should you buy the Nothing Phone (2) in 2024?

Nothing Phone (2), it’s more than your run-of-the-mill Android device; it’s intentionally enigmatic. Several months post-launch, let’s revisit this unique smartphone and see if it’s still worth the investment in 2024.

Nothing Phone (2) is pretty, but is it tough enough?

At first glance, the Nothing Phone (2) may seem like a fragile device with its transparent design, sleek edges, and – well, not titanium – build materials. However, don’t let its delicate appearance fool you. This phone is built to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use, making it a reliable companion for your daily adventures.

Should you buy the Nothing Phone (2) in 2024?

How has this design fared over the year? Surprisingly well. I compared the glass back to a zen garden in my initial review, and its gorgeous design has withstood the tumult of pockets and shoulder bags, fending off coins and keys jostling through the subway. It’s safe to say the zen lives on.

Its soft contours continue to please the palm without a hint of fatigue, a design that has convincingly slipped into the classic category. With its light weight, it’s easy to see why people are drawn to this phone – it’s a refreshing change from the heavy and bulky devices that dominate the market. Plus, the Glyph is as special as ever; no other manufacturer dares to compete!

Nothing OS: Smooth Sailing or Choppy Waters?

Should you buy the Nothing Phone (2) in 2024?

Performance is more than specs; it’s the way the software dances with the hardware that truly matters. Incremental software updates over the months (with a few road bumps along the way) have kept the Nothing Phone (2) fine-tuned.

Nothing OS sticks to humility, offering customization without clutter. Despite a few initial hiccups I may have faced on launch day, it’s safe to say that while hardware is where the company’s strongsuit lies, its software is continuing to reach toward a middle ground between stock Android and Apple.

I would love to see a larger optional array of custom-made apps just for Nothing users as a little extra icing on the cake to really keep me in the “nothing” mindset while I use the device.

The Camera Conundrum

In an era where TikTok and the gram is law, is the Nothing Phone (2) winning with its camera? The camera setup is the achilles heel, but simultaneously the main detail that drives down the cost. Though updates have tried to sway the narrative, there’s only so much you can do. (Or is there? Calling you out, iOS!)

Low-light performance remains questionable, and in comparison, even the mid-tier of competing smartphones present a more appetizing photo platter. However, let’s keep in mind; Nothing set out to be different, and sometimes, different must mean deviations. With the recent announcement of a more affordable model, the 2a, perhaps we’ll see Nothing Phone go “Pro” on the next release cycle.

The Glyph Glows On

The Nothing Phone (2) isn’t devoid of perks. Its unique features — the glowing Glyph, the monochrome UI — aren’t just gimmicks; they’ve rooted themselves into the user experience. The Glyph continues to be a conversation starter, and it’s always fun to see the look on people’s faces when they realize it’s not just for show. The monochrome UI is also still a hit; I enjoy the simplicity and focus it brings to my day-to-day use.

iMessage on Android? Not quite…

Nothing Chats is the game-changing app that never was. I was as excited as ever to get my hands on an early beta through the backend developers at Sunbird, but within just a few days of public release, the app was canceled.

Nothing has got the cool aesthetic down, but to truly compete with Apple (in the American market, at least) you’ve gotta have iMessage compatibility.

Still, RCS on Apple devices is on the horizon. Depending on how badly Apple nerfs RCS in the stock Messages app, we’ll see what the future of cross-platform messaging looks like.

Making the Call in 2024

Is the Nothing Phone (2) worth your hard-earned bucks in 2024? If you seek a unique experience, are drawn towards minimalism and individuality, and value a well-crafted device that can withstand the demands of daily life, then yes.

Compared to what else is available on the market, you’re still getting loads of bang for your buck. So really, it comes down to software preferences. And by now, you know what to expect from Nothing.

Don’t hang on to a super-premium version of the Nothing Phone coming later in 2024. I predict that we’ll continue to see the pattern of “standard version” and “budget version” if the Nothing 2a launch goes well.

The Nothing Phone (2) is still a strong contender in the smartphone game, offering a refreshing break from the norm with its design and functionality. And who knows what exciting developments are in store for the software that will passed down as new generations continue to release.