An iPhone 15 Pro with its box, charging cable, and designed by Apple in California insert laid out on a wooden surface.

iPhone 15 Pro Unboxing + eSIM: A Seamless Experience with US Mobile

It was a crisp autumn morning on the iPhone 15 lineup launch day, and the air was buzzing with anticipation. Although I passed by the radiant Apple logo at the Grand Central Apple Store in Manhattan every day during my commute to and from the office, it was only on this day that I chose to stroll up and experience it for the first time. Hundreds of folks zig-zagged through the quintessential modern tables displaying devices that, relative to the new 15 Pro, felt so last year.

Of course, my iPhone 15 Pro pickup was incomplete until an overzealous Apple employee tried to upsell me on whatever new adapter the company instructed its retail team to push. I got out unscathed, box in hand, excited to get this thing powered up.

Unboxing the iPhone 15 Pro

I raced to the office, where a surprise special guest, Abdullah, sporting the rich “Blue Titanium” colorway iPhone 15 Pro, joined me for a comparison.

As I lifted the lid of the iPhone 15 Pro’s box, the excitement was palpable. The Natural Titanium color waiting for me inside exuded luxury.

Together, our jaws dropped as the box flopped – directly onto the table, without that classic drag that Apple boxes are so known for. Disappointing!

First Impressions

Two hands present the latest iPhone 15 Pro models, with the left showcasing a natural titanium finish and the right displaying a titanium blue finish, set against a backdrop of assorted Apple products and a gaming controller.

The packaging of the iPhone 15 Pro was another iteration of Apple’s signature minimalism. The phone is in the box, and that’s basically it. My initial impressions of the iPhone 15 Pro design and weight were overwhelmingly positive. Apple opted for a subtly rounded edge this time around, and it served as more ergonomic compared to the iPhone 14 lineup. Plus, the lighter weight felt significant in the hand.

Stacking up my previous daily driver – the Alpine Green iPhone 13 Pro – to the new titanium finishes and striking colors, it simply makes you feel proud to own one of these. Apple and their colors – how do they do it?

eSIM Technology and Activation with US Mobile

The last remaining “thing-you-can-insert-stuff-into” on the iPhone lineup is the USB-C port. The headphone jack has been gone for a while (a little too perfect of a liaison into Airpods), and now, keeping connected to cell service is done with eSIM – a virtual SIM card that eliminates the need for a physical card. So, the SIM tray has been nixed!

The benefits of eSIM include the convenience of managing your phone plan directly on your device and the capability to have multiple lines without multiple cards. With US Mobile, the experience of activating the eSIM was seamless. Our step-by-step guide ensured a hassle-free transfer of my old phone line to the new device, leaving me with the peace of mind that I wouldn’t miss any important calls or messages. And as transferred my old device’s eSIM into its new digital home, I marveled at how innovation can make something as mundane as a SIM card experience feel extraordinary.

US Mobile’s iPhone 15 Deal and Network Upgrades

To celebrate the iPhone 15 Pro launch, US Mobile offered an incredible $200 back to both new and existing customers, making the transition to a new iPhone even sweeter. Not to be outdone by Apple’s technological advances, US Mobile made strides of its own, with a massive upgrade to the GSM network, offering unparalleled connectivity and speed. Taking advantage of dual-SIM capabilities with Warp and GSM networks further empowers users, ensuring they stay connected when and how they want. The activation process was flawless, allowing for an easy setup that matched the iPhone 15’s sophistication and power with a network that operates at its level.

Choosing the Right Plan with US Mobile

Flexibility is key, and with US Mobile’s wide range of offerings, tailored for various user needs, I had the power to select a phone plan that resonated with my usage patterns. From ultra-light users to those who live on their devices, US Mobile’s customizable plans cater to everyone.

The app-based activation process allowed me to choose and configure my preferred plan with ease, ensuring that my service matched both my lifestyle and my new iPhone’s capabilities. The freedom to tweak and adjust plans as necessary underscored US Mobile’s commitment to customer-centric service.

Completing the eSIM Setup

With the plan selected, I moved on to completing the eSIM setup on my iPhone 15 Pro. The process was straightforward and modern. I entered the necessary details manually, which was simple enough to copy and paste from the US Mobile app.

Naming my line, choosing its role, and integrating with iMessage, all it took was a few taps on the responsive screen. Within seconds, my eSIM was activated and ready to use. The whole process, from unboxing the device to activating the eSIM, took less than 5 minutes. And let me tell you, it was a seamless experience.


The launch of the iPhone 15 Pro was far from a rocky start to a new product; it was a declaration of the future we’re stepping into. US Mobile’s tech made this transition smooth and memorable, leaving me with an iPhone 15 Pro that was more than just a device—it was a personal technological milestone. I encourage you to make the switch. You need to experience a launch day (or any “buying a new phone day”) with the ease and comfort that US Mobile’s activation experience provides.

Don’t sit for hours behind the counter of a big wireless carrier’s dungeon-esque store. Don’t leave the preservation of your phone number and precious photos up to prayers and vibes. Do it yourself in the quickest and easiest way possible with eSIM on US Mobile. Plus — it is just as easy on Android, too!

Which color will you choose for your iPhone 15 Pro? How will you personalize it with US Mobile, using the power of eSIM? With so many possibilities and options, one thing is for sure – it’s time to upgrade.