Simplify Your Service Management with T-Mobile for Business: A Comprehensive Guide

## Simplifying Service Changes with T-Mobile for Business

Managing your T-Mobile for Business account just got easier! Whether you’re looking to change services, handle international features, or manage billing preferences, T-Mobile’s Account Hub has you covered. Let’s walk you through the steps.

### How to Change Services on T-Mobile for Business

1. **Log in to Account Hub**: Head over to the [Account Hub]( and log in. If you handle multiple accounts, select the one you need to manage.
2. **Navigate to Manage Accounts**: Go to the **Manage Accounts** section.
3. **Select the Line**: In the **Manage Lines** tab, find and click on the three dots next to the line you wish to change.
4. **Change Services**: Click on **Change service**. A new window will pop up.
5. **Select Services**: Here, you can add or remove active services. Once done, click **Review changes**.
6. **Review and Confirm**: Double-check the changes, agree to the Terms and Conditions, and hit **Submit changes**.
7. **Transaction Number**: You’ll receive a transaction number that you can view on the Transaction History page.

### How to Block or Unblock International Services

International communication is essential, but sometimes it needs managing. Here’s how:

1. **Log in to Account Hub**: Use your credentials to log in to the [Account Hub](
2. **Manage Accounts**: Select the desired account if you manage multiple.
3. **Choose the Line**: In the **Manage Lines** tab, select the line you want to adjust.
4. **Go to Plans & Services**: Click on the selected number to access the **Plans & Services** tab.
5. **Toggle Options**: Turn the **Block Stateside International Calling** or **Block Data on International Roaming** option on or off.
6. **Confirm Changes**: Hit **Confirm** to save your changes.

### Auto Deploy and Billing Preferences

Auto Deploy can be incredibly useful for managing international data needs on the go. Here’s how to set it up:

1. **Log in to Account Hub**: Access your [Account Hub]( with your login details.
2. **Manage Accounts**: As always, start by selecting the desired account.
3. **Select the Line**: Get to the **Manage Lines** tab and pick the line you want to configure.
4. **Select International Data Passes**: Within the **Plans & Services** tab, choose **International Data Passes**.
5. **Enable or Block Auto Deploy**: Toggle the **Enable Auto Deploy** or **Block Auto Deploy** option as needed.
6. **Confirm**: Save your changes by clicking **Confirm**.

### Need More Help?

If you’re unable to complete these steps, you might need additional permissions. Visit the [Account Hub User Management page]( for more information.

### Final Thoughts

Managing your T-Mobile for Business services is straightforward with Account Hub. These tools ensure you’re in control, whether managing international features or altering services.

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