Stranded CTExcel Customer? We’ve got you covered!

Stranded CTExcel Customer? We’ve got you covered!

CTExcel (中国电信美洲公司) released an official statement that they are shutting down their wireless services in the U.S starting January 3, 2022. We are sorry to hear that CTExcel will no longer be able to provide service in the US, and will help any of their customers maintain their phone service. 

CTExcel customers can move their US numbers over to US Mobile with a free Starter Kit and 50% off their first month of service. Users with compatible eSIM devices can move their number over as fast as today.

You will need your Account Number and PIN from CTExcel. You can get both by texting “zcxx” to 7031 from your CTExcel line.

At US Mobile CT Excel users can get the same or better coverage with more plan options like Shared Data plans, Custom plans, or unlimited plans with a little or a LOT of high-speed LTE & 5G data. You can build your own plan for as low as $4/mo, get unlimited talk & text with 1GB of data for $12/mo, or an Unlimited All plan for as low as $25/mo (taxes & fees already included!). 

For a limited time, users who move their CTExcel number to US Mobile will also receive a 1-month free trial from IQiYi on us. 

And if you are a current student, you can get your first month and 20% off on your phone plans until you graduate, and additional student-only perks when you get multiple unlimited lines. 

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Get your SIM Starter Kit. Order a Starter Kit using the promo code CTEXCEL. If you’d like to save with student pricing get your kit here. Users with compatible eSIM devices, skip to step 2. 
  2. Activate your line. Pick your network, build your plan, and transfer your number (if you want) on eSIM devices should be activated here. 
  3. Insert the SIM or scan your eSIM QR code. That’s it.

Now, you can enjoy amazing savings, coverage, and service.