Rocket getting 5G UWB plans installed

We’re going Warp Speed! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Starting today,  in areas with coverage, with 5G devices, we are rolling out Warp Speed 5G to customers on Unlimited All Plans on our Super LTE network as part of a Beta Release. 5G Warp Speed is free for the duration of the BETA release with Unlimited All lines and 5G compatible devices.

Warp Speed 5G can get speeds up to 10x faster than 4G because it uses higher frequency waves to transmit data faster and more efficiently. Warp Speed 5G also offers lower latency (the time it takes for a network to respond) and better network capacity. Lower latency will be a game-changer for applications that require real-time feedback like live gaming, and larger network capacity meaning that you can get fast speeds even in packed stadiums. 

Coverage is more likely to be around business hubs and stadiums in big cities at first (with mmWave and C-Band 5G coverage expanding in the months and years to come) but it will be truly transformative in ways we can’t even fathom. 

  • 1G ushered in the mobility era.
  • 2G brought in a new way of communicating with SMS. 
  • 3G allowed us to connect to the internet from anywhere. 
  • 4G ushered in the age of the mobile applications that define our lives today, like Uber and Instagram. transforming the way we live. 
  • 5G’s impact will be even greater. 

Take a look at our CEO’s tweet to see just how fast the future will be.

5G networks will reshape everything we know — imagine our roads and skies filled with supercomputers in the form of cars and UAVs communicating with each other and with you. Imagine 5G paired with Multi-Access Edge Compute to enable machine learning applications that can truly run, adapt, and update at the edge.

This is about giving you all the building blocks — Ultra-Reliable Low Latency, Enhanced Mobile Broadband, and massive Machine Type Communication — to help build a truly connected future.

Who knows what the future of 5G looks like? But by bringing 5G Warp Speed to you we hope that the US Mobile community will help build it. Get you Warp Speed 5G plan here.