Streamline Your Switch and Get Reimbursed with T-Mobile’s Keep and Switch Program

Effortlessly Switch to T-Mobile and Get Reimbursed – Here’s How!

Switching to T-Mobile has never been easier, and if you’re making the change from Verizon, AT&T, UScellular, Claro, Xfinity Mobile, Spectrum Mobile, or Liberty (Puerto Rico), you could get reimbursed for your current device payments. Here’s a complete guide to ensure a smooth switch and how you can benefit from T-Mobile’s Keep and Switch program.

Meet T-Mobile’s Requirements

To take advantage of the Keep and Switch program, there are a few prerequisites you must satisfy:

  • Port in your number and activate a new voice line: Your number must be ported in from one of the eligible carriers mentioned above. Unfortunately, numbers from prepaid carriers, free Google Voice services, and all MVNOs using T-Mobile’s network are not eligible.
  • Bring an eligible phone: Make sure your device is on T-Mobile’s list of eligible phones. Check out Step 1 on the Keep and Switch page for the full list of devices.
  • Submit your device financing details and final bill: You’ll need to provide an image of financing details that includes your carrier, device make and model, financing tenure, mobile number, and payoff amount. Additionally, your device payment plan should be at least 90 days old with at least three successful payments made.

Already Participated in a Switcher Program?

If you’ve used T-Mobile’s switching program before and then switched carriers again, you qualify for the Keep and Switch or Carrier Freedom programs only if two years have passed since your first reimbursement.

The Redemption Process

After activating your new line and porting in your number, gather your device financing details and final bill info. You’re now ready to submit these for reimbursement:

  1. Visit the Switch to T-Mobile site and locate the Keep and Switch offer.
  2. Enter your phone number, click “GET STARTED,” and sign in with your T-Mobile ID. For help with two-step verification, see Two-step verification security.
  3. If you’re a business user, sign in via the Account HUB.
  4. Choose the appropriate options from the dropdown menus for the type of reimbursement you are requesting (Device Financing Reimbursement or Early Termination Fee Reimbursement).
  5. Review and agree to the “Terms & Conditions,” then proceed.
  6. Select the numbers you want to submit (up to 4 per account) and include a contact number for notifications.
  7. Upload the required images (.pdf, .jpg, or .png, up to 5 MB each, max of 15 images) of your final bill and device financing details.
  8. Submit the information and wait up to 3 days for a status update. You’ll be notified if your reimbursement is approved or if additional information is needed.

Tracking Submission Status

You can check the status of your submission anytime by logging into the T-Mobile Redemption Center and selecting “Check Status”.

Receiving Your Reimbursement

Upon meeting all the requirements, you can expect your reimbursement within 15 days. Your device, which was locked and on an installment plan, must pass inspection once received by T-Mobile. You can receive up to $800 per line via a prepaid virtual Mastercard, sent through SMS typically within 24-48 hours post the 15-day period.

What If You Missed the Virtual Card SMS?

If you accidentally deleted the SMS or never received it, you can retrieve your virtual card info by:

  1. Visiting T-Mobile’s Redemption Center.
  2. Selecting “GET STARTED” and signing in with your T-Mobile ID.
  3. Locating the “PAID” status for your submission, then clicking “REDEEM VIRTUAL CARD” to complete the process.

Important Legal Terms

Please note this is a limited-time offer subject to change. Key points include:

Qualifying device, credit, service, and port-in required. Device balance up to $800 paid via virtual prepaid Mastercard, which expires in 6 months. Terms and conditions apply. For full details, refer to T-Mobile’s Keep and Switch page.

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