LTE network

Super LTE with Unlimited Plans and Special iPhone X Offer

Super LTE network
GSM SIM Card & Super LTE SIM Card

We’re beyond excited to not just launch our second network (which happens to be America’s biggest LTE network) but also Unlimited Plans and an exclusive iPhone X offer! It’s a good day to be a US Mobile customer, or become one 😉

The New 4G LTE Network

This summer we announced that we’ll be launching on a second network and we’re so happy that the day has finally come! We will, of course, keep our GSM network. By having both, customers will be able to choose which network is optimal for them depending on where they live, user habits etc. To separate them, we’re calling the new network “Super LTE”, and the GSM network will simply be “GSM”. This will also be reflected in the new LTE SIM card.

Unlimited Plans

US Mobile custom plans

As if a new network wasn’t enough, we also decided to launch a number of unlimited plans. We want to be able to serve any kind of user, no matter device, user habits, or geographical area. If you’re a data hogs, you’ll enjoy several options of unlimited data plans:

  • Unlimited everything: Unlimited talk, text, and data
  • Unlimited talk, text, and 3.5 GB of data.
  • Unlimited talk, text, and 30 GB of data.

All plans come in three different speeds being Standard (1 Mbps), Fast (5 Mbps), and Ludicrous (up to 200 Mbps). That way you can choose if a blazingly fast data speed is more important to you than saving a few bucks every month.

If you don’t need unlimited data plans, we’ll also offer a plans matrix similar to the one we offer on the GSM and Super LTE network. Our customizable plans enable you to choose talk, text, and data of your choosing and go-ahead.

Super LTE with Unlimited Plans and Special iPhone X Offer

Super LTE and GSM Coverage

The Super LTE network is the biggest network in the country, which will be reflected in the coverage. In addition, the GSM network works best in urban areas with network ultra-fast data speeds in most cities. As always, coverage depends on where you are, and that’s why we have partnered with the two best networks in the US. So, no matter where you are you’ll get the best possible coverage with US Mobile.

New Features

The new network will share many of the features of the GSM network, like auto-pay and snooze functionality. Two new additions will be international calling and visual voicemail. The latter means, a voicemail with a visual interface. So instead of listening to your voicemails, you’ll able to read them and you can jump between different messages instead of sequential listening.

A third feature will be the ability to control data speeds as described above in the plans. By lower data speeds, the total data usage will be lower. Want to know more about how? Head over to Is Faster and Better Quality Network Eating More Data?


Compatible devices include all the mainstream Apple and Android phones, but less popular devices are not necessarily supported. Furthermore, the GSM network is compatible with most devices of any network in the country. In order to find out if your device is compatible or not you can test your phone in our IMEI checker.

iPhone X Exclusive Offer

US Mobile wants to be the carrier of choice for all iPhone X users. Ahmed Khattak, CEO and Founder: “The iPhone X is the most anticipated phone in a decade, and that’s why we are offering $200 back for anyone who brings their iPhone X to our new Super LTE network and we won’t ask you to trade in your existing device. We have the best network and plans for the new iPhone X and we want to prove it”, said Khattak.

The offer is limited and only available in the United States. Maximum one per person when switching to US Mobile Super LTE. No contracts or credit checks required.