Promotional image for the Samsung Galaxy S III, featuring the smartphone centered on a vibrant, idyllic landscape background. The phone displays the time '12:45' with a dandelion on its screen, symbolizing its nature-inspired design. In the background, a small house and grazing sheep on green fields under a bright blue sky with light paint-like textures complete the serene scene.

Ultimate Frutiger Aero Android Theme: Step-by-Step Guide

If you’ve caught the Frutiger Aero wave, you know it’s the design trend that’s taking us back to the glossy, friendly vibes of the 2000-2010s. As a massive enthusiast of this aesthetic, I’m thrilled to guide you through creating the ultimate Frutiger Aero theme for your Android device.

Step 1: Launcher

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is the foundation of our Frutiger Aero theme. It’s a user-friendly, versatile launcher that allows for extensive customization.

  • Grid and Icon Sizing: Set a 5×4 grid with an icon size of 125%.
  • Icon Customization: Swap out icons with ease.
  • Performance: Smooth and responsive.

Download: Nova Launcher on Google Play Store

Step 2: Wallpaper

Rain Live Wallpaper

Rain Live Wallpaper offers a dynamic background to complement our theme. Customize it with these settings:

  • Disable Wallpaper Scrolling.
  • Frame Rate: Set to 60 fps.
  • Background: Choose your desired photo
  • Water Effect: Activate with 15 points max, average detalization, and 100% wave power.
  • Twinkling Lights: Enable with 100% intensity and size.

Download: Rain Live Wallpaper on Google Play Store

Step 3: Icons

S60 Icon Pack

The S60 Icon Pack encapsulates the Frutiger Aero essence, drawing inspiration from Nokia’s iconic design.

  • Download the S60 Icon Pack from the Play Store
  • Setup: Navigate to Nova Settings > Look & Feel > Icon Theme.
  • Select the icon pack you’d like Nova to apply

Download: S60 Icon Pack on Google Play Store

Custom Icons: Icon Archive

Visit for a vast selection.

  • Search through thousands of icons and images and select one you like
  • Tap and hold on the image, then save it to your device
  • Apply each icon via the Nova Launcher by pressing and holding on the desired app
  • Tap the pencil icon, then tap the app icon
  • Select the new icon from your Gallery or File Explorer app

Step 4: Widgets

You’re all set to sport the nostalgic yet fresh Frutiger Aero theme on your Android device! Remember, this guide is just a starting point. Feel free to play around and personalize it further to match your style. Happy theming! 🎉