3D Orthodox Jewish man talking on a flip cellphone, with an Orthodox Jewish woman wearing a mitpachat in the background talking into a corded kosher landline phone.

Kosher Phone Plans: Understanding the Basics


Kosher phone plans are tailored to meet specific community standards, particularly within the Jewish community. These plans focus on providing essential communication services while adhering to cultural and religious guidelines. This article explores the concept of kosher phone plans, their features, and options available in different regions.

The Concept of Kosher Phones

Kosher phones are designed for ultra-orthodox Jewish users who adhere to strict guidelines regarding technology usage. These devices are typically older model mobile phones or smartphones modified to restrict functionalities like texting and internet access​​.

Basic Kosher Phones

Basic kosher phones are extremely simplified, lacking internet, radio, app, camera, audio, and video capabilities, and usually don’t support texting. Their primary function is to facilitate voice calls. The benefits of such devices include extended battery life, lower cost, and enhanced safety for children. These phones often bear a holographic sticker indicating approval by Haredi leaders​​.

Kosher Smartphones

In contrast, kosher smartphones, while still rooted in the ethos of simplicity, offer more than just call capabilities. These devices, typically Android-based, have most internet functionalities disabled, and social media or browsing apps are filtered. They allow the use of specific apps, such as grocery shopping, navigation, banking services, or Jewish databases, emphasizing their role in facilitating essential communication and tasks​​. Read more.

What is a Kosher Phone Plan?

A kosher phone plan is a type of mobile phone service that is designed to comply with Jewish religious principles. These plans are particularly popular in Israel and among certain Jewish communities in other countries. The fundamental aspect of a kosher phone plan is its limitation to essential services, primarily voice calls, and the exclusion of internet access and other advanced features commonly found in standard mobile plans​​.

Features of Kosher Phone Plans

Kosher phone plans are characterized by:

  1. No Internet Access: These plans typically do not include internet data. This is to ensure that users are not exposed to non-kosher content online.
  2. Voice Calls Only: The primary service offered is voice calling. Text messaging and other services may not be available or are highly restricted.
  3. Limited Texting and Other Services: In some cases, texting might be available but is usually limited. Other services like voicemail, caller ID, etc., might be restricted or unavailable.

Kosher Phone Plans in Different Regions

In Israel

  • Kosher phone plans in Israel are offered by various phone companies.
  • They are usually more affordable compared to regular phone plans.
  • These plans are specifically tailored to meet the needs of the Jewish community in Israel​​.

In the United States

  • There is no designated kosher phone plan in the U.S.
  • However, U.S. residents can subscribe to a plan without cellular data and use the phone only for calls.
  • All internet and texting features are disabled on the device​​.

Specific U.S. Providers

  • US Mobile’s Kosher Plan: This plan offers unlimited minutes and texts for $7.5 per month, with taxes and fees included. The plan runs on both the GSM 5G, and Warp 5G networks. Features like VoLTE, Wi-Fi calling, and domestic roaming are supported. See the Kosher Phone plan here.


Kosher phone plans are a unique offering in the telecom market, catering specifically to the Jewish community’s needs. They emphasize simplicity, focusing on basic communication through voice calls and limited texting while restricting access to internet services. These plans are more prevalent in Israel but are also available to a certain extent in the U.S., with specific providers offering tailored services.

Can you access the internet with a kosher phone plan?

No, kosher phone plans generally do not include internet access to comply with religious standards.

Are there kosher phone plans available in the US?

Most people can subscribe to plans without cellular data, effectively making them kosher-compliant, or they can also get US Mobile’s Kosher phone plan.

How much does a typical kosher phone plan cost in the US?

Typical “kosher” plans from most carriers as much as their unlimited plans with no data. However, US Mobile offers a kosher plan for $7.5 per month, which includes unlimited minutes and texts but no data​​.

Are kosher phones only for the ultra-orthodox Jewish community?

Primarily, yes. Kosher phones are designed to align with the stringent technological guidelines of the ultra-orthodox Jewish community. However, their simplicity and safety features appeal to others seeking minimalistic or child-safe devices.

Can kosher smartphones access any internet services?

Kosher smartphones typically have most internet functionalities disabled. They can use certain approved apps but do not support general web browsing or unrestricted app usage.