Illustration of American Landmarks with 4G LTE Coverage

US Mobile Launches on America’s Largest 4G LTE Network

I am excited to announce that starting this summer, in addition to our current GSM network, we will offer service on the biggest and most dependable 4G LTE network in America. With US Mobile, customers will be able to optimize their cheap cell phone plans and their coverage to get the best service in their area.

We started US Mobile with a few simple questions. What if people had the option to buy time in smaller chunks? What if they could buy only what they needed? What if we could build a mobile company that treated people the way we wanted to be treated? This last question was a big deal for me because Karma is not just a nice “idea.” I grew up in a world where it actually means something, and I wanted to build a company where it meant something too. I wanted to build a company which would have real, genuine empathy for its customers and would do right by them, every time. We truly believe that if we do the right thing, we will be successful.”

A Company That Does the Exact Opposite

As a serial entrepreneur in the telecom industry, I saw an opportunity to answer those questions.  Across the country, phone bills were rising as carriers forced customers to pay for unlimited talk and text, bundled into their data plans. Customers the were handcuffed to these carriers with locked phones and two-year contracts with incredibly high switching fees. To make matters worse, telecom customer support departments were notorious for poor service. There had to be a better way.

For me, the answer was easy: just build a company that does the exact opposite of everybody else.

The Karma Team

I hired a team of smart, kind-hearted customer service representatives, which I dubbed “The Karma Team”. They would be on the front lines with customers. I eliminated the concept of assigning customer service ticket numbers because people aren’t anonymous numbers on a list—they’re people who need assistance. The team was given the mandate to befriend customers and to help them get to a place that was solely in their best interest—even if that meant sending them to a competitor.

The Future of US Mobile

Today 60% of US Mobile customers get their issues resolved by texting, e-mailing or using US Mobile’s Live Chat feature. Average first-response times are less than 30 seconds on Live Chat and less than 10 minutes on e-mail. US Mobile has truly redefined how people interact with a carrier.

In just 24 months, nearly 40,000 people from all kinds of backgrounds have trusted US Mobile with their wireless needs. From a child’s first flip phone to a grandmother’s first iPhone, users have customized more than 300 different types of plans on US Mobile’s network.

For me, this is all very personal. 13 years after I landed in this country with $200 in my pocket, unable to sign up for wireless service because I was an immigrant with no credit history, this is a major milestone.

Ahmed Khattak, CEO