We have news to share!

Our all-new improved plans are designed to make your US Mobile experience even smoother, simpler and more delightful. Here are the latest improvements to the most customizable plans in the country.

1. All-new unlimited plans
2. Custom perks
3. Redesigned custom plans
4. International Roaming
5. Autopilot AI
6. SMS Top Ups

All-New Unlimited Plans

We have news to share!

We’re delighted to announce our new completely redesigned unlimited plans. The plans now include more high-speed data and faster speeds with up to 10GB of free international roaming. On top of that our unlimited plans will also include some really phenomenal perks.

Custom Perks with Unlimited 🔥

We have news to share!

We’re super excited to launch our perks program for unlimited lines. It is truly the first of it’s kind. You choose which subscriptions like Netflix, Disney+, Spotify Family and more you want to be covered by us. You can essentially get all of your entertainment covered by us

Improved custom plans 🙌

More options. And more for your money.

We have news to share!

We didn’t forget about users who don’t need or want to pay for unlimited. We are giving you more data, talk, and text options with even better prices. Not only that, we completely revamped how custom plans look so it’s more intuitive and easier to use.

Autopilot AI

We have news to share!

We’re introducing the first AI-powered phone plan that helps customers discover how they use their devices. Our Autopilot AI will use elements of AI, and machine-learning to progressively learn how much talk, text, and data a customer really uses, and then suggest the best plan for them.

Most people in the US are overpaying on their phone bills and can save about $1200 over 2 years from a  typical phone plan by switching to a smaller plan that’s a  better fit.

US Mobile’s Autopilot AI uses machine learning to analyze customers’ usage and finds their unique usage patterns. Using that information Autopilot AI recommends the best plan for that user.

International Roaming

We have news to share!

We’re making international roaming as easy as topping up in the US Mobile app. Unlimited lines will get 5GB of free international roaming per month and custom lines will get 2GB. If you need more you can easily add more at local rates directly from our app. See our international roaming rates here.

iOS App

We have news to share!

The app has been one of the most requested features at US  Mobile and we wanted to make sure that we created something great.

We had launched the app on PWA, but are super excited to announce that it will be available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store very soon.

In the app users will be able to check your balance, change plans, add Top  Ups, edit your profile, and update the payment information in the app.

SMS Tops Ups

We have news to share!

Being able to top up minutes, texts, and/or data using SMS was another one of the most frequently requested features. I’m really happy to announce that we not only built it but made it delightfully intuitive and easy to use.  

Example: You can text “Topup data 100mb” to buy a 100 mb data Top Up. It’s as easy as that! You can also text “Help” to 44352 to see a list of other things you can do using just SMS.