9 Data Plans to Lookout for While Travelling to Spain

9 Data Plans to Lookout for While Travelling to Spain

Primarily known for tourist attractions such as the Alhambra and Sagrada Familia, Spain offers much more with its widespread cities honing their own subcultures, stews, and specialties. The taste of tapas and the regions traditionally originates from long-standing cultures that have forgone, leaving their traces all over the country.

One would question the calm and quaint of countrysides carpeted by castles and ancient ruins that Spain has to offer, but modern Spanish cities speckle with modernity. This mix of calm and chaos isn’t just confined to cities, though. Seville, the Southern Capital of the region, lines Pyrenees Mountains to the Strait of Gibraltar, which separates Spain from Africa.

On the East is the Mediterranean Sea and the Balearic Islands. But the central capital Madrid isn’t far behind in offering diverse geographical settings like the Castle of San Servando, a medieval castle in Toledo abode on River Tagus banks.

Whether it’s unwinding at a local book store after a long day or trekking to an architectural landmark, Spain offers it all, leisure as well as tradition. But such diversity of geographical landscape might result in bad cellular connections. This is why looking for international data plans in the region before you travel might be helpful.

Best Network Providers in Spain

Before you pick a carrier, it is essential to make choices and ask yourself what’s important for you. Is it coverage? Or is it speed? Or is neither, and the only thing that matters to you is how pricey the plan is? Orange and Jazztel (owned by Orange) supposedly offer good but higher prices in comparison to Grupo Más Móvil and Yoigi’s (owned by Grupo Más Móvil) prices, which are a little easy on the pocket. Choose Vodafone and ONO (owned by Vodafone) for coverage if a trip to the Pyrenees Mountains is what you absolutely can’t compromise on.

CarrierSmall PlanMedium PlanLarge Plan
Orange5 GB: US$10.63
7 GB + 500 minutes:
US$ 17.75

20 GB + unlimited minutes:
US$ 19.95
Yoigi6 GB + 200 voice:
8 GB + unlimited voice:
US$ 17.81
16 GB + unlimited voice:
US$ 23.7
Vodafone6 GB 300 minutes:
12 GB + unlimited minutes:
25 GB + unlimited minutes:

How do I get these Local Plans

Like most of the population on this planet, most people now own a smartphone, even if it’s not an advanced one. SIM cards are available at small shops, retailers, and internet cafes. Requirements differ from carrier to carrier, but setting up a phone line in Spain usually means signing a contract with network providers. This may include providing a Passport or an ID (NIE number if you’re not a national) and proof of address. Sometimes they may also ask you for details of a Spanish bank account.  

Benefits of using an eSIM/devices that support eSIMs

We previously spoke about the future of eSIMs and why they would be big in the tech world. Seems like our predictions were right and they are big now. All big phone manufacturers have now incorporated an eSIM within their devices because physical SIMs are likely to be existent near the future. Why you may ask? These embedded SIM cards that are already installed in most phones here’s a list to check if you qualify, requires nothing but an eSIM compatible phone. Easy to use and taking up no space, these virtual SIMs download and install like applications on your phone and eliminate all hassle of switching carriers while traveling.

As easy as it gets + US Mobile Plans

Set up your international line for Spain on US Mobile dashboard.

If you have an eSIM compatible device, look no further! With US Mobile, we make your journey 10 times easier for you. And here’s how:

1. Sign up with US Mobile
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3. Choose an appropriate plan, pay, install, and let us do the grunt work!

US Mobile’s eSIM works on smart coverage that automatically connects to the best signal strength a locale has to offer. This way when you travel abroad, good network coverage is not something we let you worry about.

If you are traveling, look no further!

So when you’re on your way to the hub of artistic heritage, home to Pablo Picasso and many distinguished artists and want to online for every bit of it. To store memories every bit of the way and to remember Spain in all its glory, make sure you’re on the right international data plan.