Landscape photo of a Maine town on the coast. US Mobile has the best cell phone coverage in Maine.

Which carrier has the best cell phone coverage in Maine?

Our Warp 5G network has you covered in every corner of the state. Here’s why US Mobile is the best mobile carrier in Maine.

Maine is the most rural state in the nation. And with that rural territory comes an abundance of natural beauty, from the picturesque Atlantic coastline to the frosty mountain tops of Baxter State Park. 

But at the same time, it also brings a host of wireless connectivity issues that make it important for residents to find the most reliable, best cell phone coverage in the state.

Located way up north along the border with Canada, the last thing you want when you’re living far away from your neighbors or emergency services is to get snowed in with poor connectivity. 

If you’re living in the state of Maine and looking for a more reliable mobile carrier, look no further than US Mobile! Our network is reliable and strong, reaching parts of Maine that other providers just don’t cover — seriously! US Mobile gets coverage in more than 99.5% of the state of Maine, so you’re covered even in the most distant areas. 

With our signature Warp 5G network and extremely affordable phone plans, US Mobile can help you stay connected to friends, family, and work whether you live in Portland or Bangor. Plus, our delightfully easy-to-use app and 24/7 customer service team make activating and managing your service an absolute breeze. Read on to learn what makes US Mobile stand out from competitors and hear from Mainers like you who love the service they get on US Mobile.

Introducing US Mobile — The Provider with the Best Cell Phone Coverage in Maine

If you’re searching for a mobile carrier with the best coverage in Maine, look no further than US Mobile. 

Compared to carriers like AT&T, Mint Mobile, and Boost Mobile, US Mobile offers competitive plans with unbeatable coverage. With an empathetic customer service team that’s available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you’ll never feel alone in navigating your mobile phone coverage. 

US MobileAT&TMint MobileBoost Mobile
Warp 5G?YesNoNoNo
Cost of Unlimited data?$25 per month$65 per month$90 for three months$25 per month
24/7 customer support from *real* people?YesYes (chat only)NoNo
Free trial duration100 daysNo free trial7 days14 days

What really sets us apart from the rest is our commitment to providing flexible and affordable plans without skimping on quality. Our cell phone plans run the gamut from simple Talk & Text for those who just need the basics to plans with unlimited data, mobile hotspot, and perks like free Netflix or Spotify.

We know that in Maine, dependable coverage is crucial — that’s why we offer a range of options to ensure that you’re able to stay connected, no matter where you are in the state.

And if you’re wondering about how fast US Mobile is — here’s a live speed test:

How US Mobile Plans Can Benefit You

Our highly flexible pooled plans allow you to pay for what you need — so you never pay a penny more than you should. Whether you need an unlimited data plan or just need talk and text, you’re sure to find a plan that suits your needs. Thanks to our flexible and affordable plans, US Mobile customers save, on average, $600 per year on their phone bill.

Plus, we offer convenient features like WiFi Calling and mobile hotspot so you can stay connected wherever you are. With our Warp 5G network, you can experience lightning-fast wireless speeds. We operate on the two fastest networks in the United States — Maine included! 

Here’s what people all over the state of Maine are saying about US Mobile:

US Mobile’s Unbeatable Value

When it comes to finding the right mobile plan, value is key. 

That’s where we come in. US Mobile’s plans come at an unbeatable price point — our plans range in price from $6 to $45 monthly, so you can get everything you need without breaking the bank.

We understand that staying connected is important, which is why we offer plans that suit a variety of needs. Whether you’re a heavy data user or simply need a reliable phone for occasional use, we’ve got a plan for you. And with our friendly customer support team, you’ll never have to worry about navigating through our plans on your own — our customer service agents are available 24/7 to help you figure out what plan works best for you.

Enjoy Unparalleled Connectivity in Maine with US Mobile

We’re revolutionizing wireless connectivity all across the nation — and Maine’s no exception. If you’re looking for the best cell phone coverage in Maine, look no further: our service is truly unparalleled throughout the entire state.

Thanks to our top-notch technological infrastructure and 24/7 customer support, you can stay connected with loved ones, work efficiently, and access online resources without any worries. Don’t let technology slow you down; let our advanced technology solutions elevate your connectivity game to the next level.

We’re so confident that Mainers from Portland all the way up to Aroostook County will love US Mobile that we’re offering a 100-day free trial when you transfer your number to our network. See for yourself why folks all across the state love US Mobile — start your free trial now!