Free up space

7 Tips to Free up Space on Your iPhone

Are you tired of not being able to download an app or record a video because you don’t have enough space left on your phone? We are, which is why we’ve compiled a list of seven quick tips on how you can release storage:

Remove apps you’re not using

Take a close look at your apps – are you really using all of them? Or did you just download the CrossFit app without ever using it? Has Pokemon Go completely replaced Candy Crush? Simply remove all the apps you’re not using.

Find out which apps are taking up space

Yes, you can see which one of your apps that are taking up the most space. Go to Settings > General > Storage and Icloud usage > Manage Storage. You get a good overview of all your apps and can decide if you should delete an app that is eating up storage.

Don’t keep both images when you’re taking HDR photos

Do you have the HDR-setting activated when you take photos? Then you might be aware of the fact that all photos are stored twice? To avoid this, go to Settings > Photos & Camera > Keep Normal Photo and deactivate it.

Delete text messages

We know that it might be fun to read old text messages from your first boyfriend, BFF, or even your mom. But honestly, you will probably not go back several months to read text messages from all your contacts, so it might be better to change settings so that texts are automatically deleted after 30 days. Go to Settings > Messages > Keep Messages.

Clear browsing history

You will be surprised about how much space you will free up when you delete browsing history, cookies, and web site data. It might be annoying at first to have to login again on some of the sites but trust us, it will be worth it, and it’s a super quick fix. Go to Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data.

Back up photos and delete

Start a new habit and upload your photos and videos from your mobile phone to a computer, external hard drive, or a cloud solution. Once you have uploaded the photos, delete them from your phone.

Be picky when it comes to music and podcasts

You probably have several songs and podcasts downloaded on your phone, but how many do you really listen to? Sort through your downloaded material and keep the ones you listen to regularly.

Since data is becoming cheaper and cheaper, you should consider streaming music and podcasts instead of downloading them. Setting music, podcasts, and reading material to download for offline use might be consuming more space than you realize.

We hope you will enjoy all the new space you have on your phone!