iPhone 7 in 50 shades of grey?

iPhone 7, Jimmy Lin, iPhone

We previously reported iPhone 7’s release date and hottest new features and rumor has it that the phone could arrive with a new home button and another darker shade of grey, in addition to the current grey colors. The launch is still assumed to take place in September and Bloomberg is reporting that there will be a press conference on the 7th of September where Apple will present all new gadgets and phones.

As with former models, Taiwanese profile Jimmy Lin (in picture) has already been spotted with the new iPhone 7. Which confirms some of the leaked information and speculation. As Bloomberg indicates, Apple is removing the headphone jack in order to make the phone slimmer and water resistant. It will also come with an extra speaker and a dual camera.

To meet customers need to consuming data and storage, Apple has decided to skip the 16GB memory and instead launch the iPhone 7 with a base of 32GB and up to 256GB. The new phone will also come with the latest iOS, the iOS 10.

Only a few weeks to go now iPhone fans!

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