9 Things You Do That Are Draining Your Battery

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Let’s face it, a dead battery sucks. Nothing renders your phone more useless than a dead battery. Make sure you’re not doing these 9 things, and you should be in the clear of a dead battery. Just don’t forget to charge it, of course.

1) Your phone screen is too bright

Go to Settings – Display & Brightness and set your phone on “Auto-Brightness,” which adapts to how light it is around you. There is no need to maximize brightness if it’s not even dark around you.

Apple iPhone brightness setting to save battery.

2) You’re underestimating Airplane Mode

If you won’t be using your phone for a while, and you know no one is going to try to reach you, activate airplane mode. There is no need to use up the battery while you’re watching Rogue One.

Airplane mode.

3) You’re using apps that kill your battery

Go to Settings – Battery and get an overview of which apps are using the most battery. Facebook and Messenger can use up a lot of battery even when you’re not using them. Close the apps you’re not using and/or activate the Low Power Mode.

Battery Apps

4) You have notifications on for all apps

Change the settings for apps you don’t need to get notifications from constantly. You’ll find this in Settings – Notifications.

iPhone Notifications Screenshot

5) You don’t update your apps

Come on people, wake up and smell the coffee. Developers tend to improve the app’s efficiency in an update which means it doesn’t use as much battery. If you don’t update your apps, you’re missing out.

Apple Appstore

6) You never update the phone’s operating system

Like the apps, a new version of the operating system will most likely be more battery efficient than your current version. We know it is annoying when things change on the phone but isn’t it more annoying to run out of battery in the middle of catching Mew on Pokemon Go or trying to level up in Super Mario Run?

iPhone iOS Update Setting Screenshot

7) You don’t shut off WiFi when there is no WiFi around

If you continue to have WiFi on, your phone will keep on looking for a network to connect to. Even when you’re out in the middle of the woods.


8) You think that having it on vibrate is better

It’s wrong! Vibration uses more battery than a regular ringer. Think about it, to vibrate. The whole phone has to move versus sending noise to your speaker for a couple of seconds at a time.

vibrate by Artdabana@Design from the Noun Project

9) You have location on for most of your apps

This is really eating up your battery. While you know that Snapchat requires you to have the location activated in order to use filters, there are so many apps, where it’s completely unnecessary to have it on. Both for battery and privacy purposes. You don’t want people to be following you even if you don’t have the app open, right?

iPhone Privacy Setting Screenshot

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