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eSIMs: Connecting made easy

Are you ready to travel your heart out as a much-needed break but have no idea how you will use data to communicate with your loved ones? We have an easy and hassle-free solution for you with our eSIMs!

Let’s first take a quick look at what an eSIM actually is and how it works. It works the same way as a physical SIM card, but the best part is that you do not need a physical SIM card to use it. It is actually pre-installed on the device, and you can activate it instantly as with eSIMs you can download plans immediately.

There it is, a delightful solution for all your travel needs from booking tours on the go to making plans and checking routes, oh and not to forget translating conveniently to have the ultimate local experience whichever country you visit. As long as your device is eSIM compatible, the process is smooth, saving you a lot of trouble, money, and time so now you can easily add international data plans that work from the moment you land!

eSIMs: Connecting made easy
Travel conveniently with eSIMs

What do we offer with our eSIMs?

Our new global eSIM platform is a glimpse into the future. It gives customers the ability to instantly buy data plans for an eSIM compatible device in more than 150 countries, including the US. Now you can get both domestic and international data roaming instantly, from your US Mobile dashboard. You are just a step away from getting a convenient data plan for your travelling plans.

We will intelligently auto-switch your phones to the best network at your destination, where multiple networks are available. This is the era of smarter coverage in more locations.

With US Mobile’s eSIMs, we have made staying connected easier wherever you are. Now you do not need to spend a minute of your time figuring out the best roaming deals online, finding the local carrier’s booth at the airport, misplacing your US SIM card, or coming home to a huge roaming bill that too for minimum usage. We have got you covered on all accounts!

US Mobile offers a unique feature for our existing customers on unlimited plans which comprise of the Unlimited All plan and the unlimited bundles: they can get complimentary international data roaming (yes, you read that right, complimentary!). Unbeatable, right? So do not think twice and get one with us when you’re booking your next flight, be it a work trip, a mini-vacay, or a fun weekend getaway.

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Why should you get an eSIM plan with us when traveling?

  • International data roaming in 150+ countries
  • Complimentary international data roaming on the Unlimited All plan along with unlimited bundles
  • Our plans are affordable and flexible
  • There is no need to get a physical SIM card
  • No need to replace your current SIM card, easy international data roaming

The process of getting an eSIM is now easier than ever.

Step 1:
Please go ahead and create a free account with US Mobile; it is a simple process and takes only a few seconds.

Step 2:
Now it is time to find the plan that suits your travel needs the best. Whether you are jet-setting, backpacking across multiple locations, or exploring one particular destination, you can find exactly what you want with us.

Step 3:
Your data starts working the moment you land after activating the eSIM you bought with us with your dashboard. Viola! This is an easy solution to all your travel problems!

So, head to US Mobile’s website now to know more about International Data Roaming and how it works with us. Happy travels you all!