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GSM LTE Network: Easy activation, excellent service

Are you looking for the perfect network suited to your needs that’s compatible with your phone? Look no further because our GSM LTE network is compatible with most devices (both iPhone and Android), with flexible plans and fantastic prices.

What is US Mobile’s GSM LTE network?

“GSM” means Global System for Mobile Communications. The GSM LTE Network tends to have the highest number of compatible devices of all major networks. As a result, the GSM SIM card is the most common type of SIM card.

Our GSM LTE network offers great network coverage in most areas. Almost any unlocked GSM phone or device can be used with our GSM LTE network, including IoT devices like alarm systems and GPS Trackers. With us, you can get access to 5G, 4G LTE, and WiFi Calling on US Mobile’s GSM LTE Network along with other amazing features.

We offer WiFi calling on GSM LTE, a feature with which you can make calls and send texts using WiFi, even if your phone has no cellular reception. WiFi calling is a feature that allows you to make and receive calls when you are abroad or in a no-coverage area. It uses the same plan that you have and doesn’t cost you anything extra. You just need to connect your phone to WiFi, and it will work as you usually use our service. Convenient, is it not?

Why should you choose our GSM LTE Network?

  • Compatibility: More devices are compatible with the GSM LTE network so bring your own device and get great plans at affordable prices now.
  • Keep your number: It’s easy to transfer your current number from another carrier to US Mobile.
  • Customized plans: Create your own plan by choosing the amount of talk, text & data you need, we want you to pay for what you need. No hidden fees or charges applied!
  • Easy activation: Super simple activation gets you up and running on US Mobile in one easy step. So don’t think too much, we are the one stop solution to your needs.
GSM LTE Network: Easy activation, excellent service

How to Activate with US Mobile’s GSM LTE Network?

Three things are extremely important which help you activate your services successfully: compatibility of your device with our network, coverage of the network in

Cell phone frequencies and bands determine whether your phone will work on specific networks. Bands and frequencies are the radio signals carriers send out that your cell phone connects to make calls and use data. If your device has the bands 2G/3G 1900 and LTE (4G) bands 12 (700), 4 (1700/2100) along with HD Voice, it should work with our GSM LTE network. Still unsure? Reach out to us over chat so we could check the device compatibility for you and bring your own device with ease.

For starters, you will need the Starter Kit (pun intended). The Starter Kit comes with our Super LTE SIM card and GSM LTE SIM card. Once you have the SIM card with you, the activation process should be quick, taking around 3-5 minutes.

Super LTE nand GSM LTE in starter kit
Starter KIt

To activate a number with us, you can simply log in to your US Mobile account and click on “Add a Line.” You can either get a new number or transfer an existing number to US Mobile with ease. After the activation process is complete, you will receive a confirmation email, and your services should be good to go!

Have you already activated your line but still need help setting up your device with the GSM LTE network? You can always check out our guide on how to set up an iPhone and Android with a GSM LTE line depending on your device. Our support is available 24/7 to help with anything you need, so do not hesitate to reach out.