A person sitting in lounge on the sofa, freeing up space on the phone

Simple tricks to free up space on your smartphone

Oftentimes we come across situations where we are downloading an app or saving a picture on our smartphones and it gives us an error of no storage space. This is the time we think how good it would have been to have more space in our phones. 

Why free up space on your smartphone?

Having insufficient space in your phones also attracts problems like slow device speeds and app performance. Running out of storage space in your smartphone, although is quite a hassle it is totally avoidable. 

In this blog, we will discuss some tips and tricks on how we can make more room and free up space in our devices – whether it is iOS or Android. 

Saving photos in Google Drive, Google Photos, or iCloud. 

One best way of saving your data and clearing up internal space in your smartphones is to save and sync everything online either using Google Drive, Google Photos for pictures and videos, or iCloud. You can just sign in and sync your data. It will be updated automatically.

Uninstalling unused apps from your smartphone. 

Sometimes, we install apps that we have no use for. We forget to uninstall them and it adds up to the clutter in the phone and unnecessary cache and temporary files pile up and take up the extra space. It is always better to uninstall such apps that are not in use.

To do this, you can simply press and hold to uninstall the unwanted app from your home screen/ menu screen and uninstall them on both: android as well as iOS.  


Use external storage like an SD card. 

Another great option is to have an external SD card inserted into your smartphones. Unfortunately, this option is not available for iPhones, but for Androids, you can take advantage of this. To do this, you just have to purchase the SD card as per your need and insert it in the Memory card jack at the side of the phone or at the back (wherever your smartphone has its slot), and set your apps to save in an external drive. 

Using a third-party app to clear away cache or temp files from your smartphone.

Some Android apps have a built-in feature that automatically frees up space and clears away the temporary files and cache. Using this feature is really useful. However, there are many other third-party apps that you can install and make use of. You can easily find these in PlayStore or AppStore. 

Backup files on your personal computer.

One of the widely used methods of making space in your phone is to transfer your data to your personal computer or an external hard drive on a timely basis. You can take out time each month and create a backup. 

smartphone back up

You can simply connect your phones to your computers and transfer them. On iPhones, you can sync to the iTunes app and it will create a backup automatically. 

Delete old messages/ contacts from your phone.

Spam, promotional, and old messages take up a lot of memory in the phone especially when it is not serving any purpose. You will find that deleting these from your phones will clear up a lot of internal memory for you to save something meaningful instead. To do this, you can either manually delete old messages or have the auto delete turned on.

In androids, simply go to Messages > Settings > More Settings > Delete Old Messages.

In iOS, go to Settings > Scroll down to Messages > Messages history > select the option 30 days, 1 year, or forever > Delete. 

Moving Forward: Importance of free space in a smartphone

Freeing up space in your smartphone not only helps your phone run faster but this action also frees you from the unnecessary clutter that starts to build up. When your phone’s performance is well, then it automatically enables you to explore more applications and functions across the spectrum along with saving up on battery life. It increases the overall life of your phone and gives you a hassle-free user experience.