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An always up-to-date list of 5G devices

If you want to use the 5G network, you will definitely need a phone that is 5G compatible. Does it mean that 4G will not work anymore or will be obsolete? No, 5G phones will need 4G to establish a connection first. It means a phone that is 5G compatible, would be 4G compatible as well. Or in simpler words, 5G combines with 4G for a better and seamless user experience.

Currently, we have a number of phones in the market that are 5G compatible, from low-end to flagship prices that support 5G. Here’re the phones that you can consider when you are deciding to make a purchase.

Which Apple iPhones have 5G?

All the variants of iPhone 13, including iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max all are 5G compatible phones. iPhone 13 was launched on 14th September 2021, with an improved battery and better user experience. Currently, iPhone 13 Pro Max is considered to be the best 5G compatible phone in the market.

All the variants of the iPhone 12, including iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max are also 5G compatible phones. So, if you are considering purchasing any newer version of the iPhone for 5G, you’re good to go! All the newer iPhone models with 5G are also available in our shop.

Which Samsung phones have 5G?

If you are a person who considers Android over iPhone, we have a range of Android phones that are 5G compatible.

Samsung offers a range of phones that are 5G compatible. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 are good options to go for. Samsung offers them an amazing folding technology with an Octa-core processor and 12GB RAM. Moreover, Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G is also an amazing option to consider.

When we talk about the S series of Samsung we have a range of 5G compatible phones:

Other than the S series, the Flip and A series of Samsung also has the 5G technology in it. Samsung Galaxy A52s, Samsung Galaxy A42, and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 have 5G technology.

Which Google Pixel phones have 5G?

  • Google Pixel 5
  • Google Pixel 5a
  • Google Pixel 6
  • Google Pixel 6 Pro

Which Motorola phones have 5G?

Which OnePlus phones have 5G?

OnePlus has a wide range of 5G compatible cellphones available. You can have a look at the phones by OnePlus.

Other cellphone sellers such as Nokia, TCL, and Kyocera have also launched their 5G compatible phones:

Which Nokia phones have 5G?

  • Nokia 8.3
  • Nokia 8 V 5G UW

Which TCL phones have 5G?

  • TCL 10
  • TCL 20 Pro
  • TCL 20 R

What other phones have 5G?

  • Kyocera Dura Force Ultra

What are some tablets that have 5G?

  • Apple iPad mini (2021)
  • Apple iPad Pro 11 (2021)
  • Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2021)
  • Samsung Galaxy Book Go 5G (laptop)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE
  • Lenovo Flex 5G (laptop)
  • Inseego Mifi M2100 UW

What are some devices that support Warp Speed 5G (mid-band/C-Band)?

  • Every iPhone 13 and iPhone 12
  • iPad 5G series
  • Every Samsung Galaxy S21
  • Galaxy Flip 3
  • Galaxy Fold 3
  • Google Pixel 5

What are some devices that support Warp Speed 5G (high band)?