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A powerful Mobile Hotspot experience with US mobile

US mobile proudly offers a Mobile hotspot feature, a term popular amongst the netizens of today. A mobile hotspot, to spell it out, is Wi-fi on the go! It is like using your home Wi-fi as a portable data option away from your home where a Wi-fi network is not widely available. Additionally, it is pocket-friendly, and you can connect it to various devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. Sascha Segan further elaborates on the importance of using a mobile hotspot here.

Now whether you are sitting in a café sipping your morning coffee and working on the critical report due at work today, you can easily connect your laptop to a mobile hotspot and submit the report timely to your boss! You can very well avoid the hassle of connecting to unsafe Public Wi-fi options with sluggish speeds and the resulting frustration.

Since the Mobile hotspot is an essential feature, US Mobile offers it on our networks, namely Super LTE and GSM LTE. You can now easily convert your smartphones into hotspots with US mobile, where you get high-speed LTE connectivity to stay connected with your family and friends wherever you need.

Mobile hotspot

To enjoy a hotspot with US Mobile, you need to have an active data plan on your line. The hotspot will utilize data from your plan every time you use it. We offer multiple different hotspot options that you can choose from. The options include the following:
Mobile hotspot with our Custom plans:

Mobile Hotspot with our Custom plans

With our custom plans, where you can customize talk, text, and data plans according to your needs, you get the hotspot feature for free! Yes, you heard it right! You can utilize the amount of data you subscribed to with our custom plans as a mobile hotspot without additional fees. Isn’t it amazing!

Mobile hotspot with our Unlimited Bundles

Our unlimited bundles are an affordable way to get a variety of pre-designed buckets of talk, text, and data that you can subscribe to that suits your monthly requirements and budgets. To access hotspots with our unlimited bundles, you can pay a minimal fee of $5, and this would allow you to use the data amount in your plan as a hotspot anytime, anywhere!

Mobile hotspot with our Unlimited all plan:

Unlimited all plan, the most popular plan amongst US mobile customers, allows you to use mobile hotspots. You can get unlimited talk, text, and data with this plan, and you can access the hotspot by purchasing a 20GB High-speed LTE hotspot for $10 per month.
One aspect discouraged at US mobile is bringing in standalone hotspot devices to our network. Our terms and conditions also mention this policy. We, however, welcome using your cellphone as a mobile hotspot device with open arms!

How to add a hotspot to your line:

We at US mobile offer a Mobile hotspot feature on both of our networks. You can easily add a hotspot to your monthly plan (it already comes with custom plans) from your dashboard. If you ever run out of hotspot data with our Super LTE (black SIM card) network, you can always add more from your dashboard. However, when it comes to our GSM LTE (white SIM card) network, once you run out of hotspot data, it will renew once your current monthly plan expires and a new one begins. For further help, you can always reach out to us over chat, email, or call, and our excellent representatives will be delighted to walk you through everything!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on a fantastic wireless data experience with our US Mobile hotspot plans that comes with ludicrous speeds and much more!