A screenshot of US Mobile dashboard showing all the individual lines

Building our new dashboard to connect the next billion devices

Customers don’t want to just buy goods & services. They want a clear articulation of the company’s mission and values. Successfully communicating our core values—what keeps us up at night and gets us up in the morning—is what creates an enduring brand that anyone can connect with.

The start of the Journey…

At US Mobile, everything we do is directed towards making your connectivity experience more delightful.

Last year, we started dreaming about how we should convey our purpose in a fresh way, and today we’ve taken the first steps by rolling out our new look on our dashboard. This isn’t just a redesign—it’s a more accurate representation of who we are, with room for epic launches ahead 😉

More space, for more

Add a new line on US Mobile user dashboard.

We transitioned the top navigation in our dashboard to a more scalable side navigation. This allows the user to comfortably expand and explore the menu in-depth, and when it’s collapsed users have quick access to everything if they ever need it. Our new navigation will also allow us to highlight all the new features we’re bringing to the dashboard.

All new iconography

Building our new dashboard to connect the next billion devices

Through these new icons, every user who logs in should immediately understand and get a really good sense of what we’re trying to do with connectivity: making it incredibly powerful and customizable, yet simple and delightful. And for people who are already looking for that modern carrier experience, seeing how we’ve pushed boundaries, will be empowered to come up with greater ideas, and find more meaningful ways to connect.

Quiet but strong blue

Building our new dashboard to connect the next billion devices

One more thing you’ll notice is that the navigation now has color in it: cornflower lavender. It also has bits of the shade of gray from the skeleton that it sits on. It’s designed to stand out, yet soothe and not distract.

More lines, less searching

We’ve also noticed that users are connecting more and more devices via their US Mobile dashboards. We added search functionality that lets users quickly find lines, by name or number, and quickly go to them.

Why are we telling you all this? 

Because it’s a big deal.  It’s a gateway to some incredible stuff coming this year.