Pricing of US Mobile Unlimited all plan with 5G speeds

We’re going all in! Uncapped, unthrottled, unlimited.

Today, we’re announcing one of our biggest launches ever, with a huge update to our Unlimited All and Family plans to ensure that you can get powerful and uncompromising connectivity without compromising your experience or budget. 

This launch represents advances in three main areas.

  1. Truly unlimited plans for modern data needs
  2. Simple all-in pricing: $45/line with 1 line. $30/line with 2 lines. $25/line with 3+ lines.
  3. Unrivaled flexibility for connecting any type of device, for anyone 

Everything we’ve launched today has been designed to work holistically to unlock even more value for our users and push the industry forward. Let’s dive in! 

1. All-in Limitless Unlimited

These days, for newer devices, especially data-intensive applications that leverage 5G, unlimited data in a phone plan isn’t just a nice-to-have—it’s table stakes. Giving customers enough high-speed data is essential for delivering the best experience on today’s devices. 

Up until now, consumers were forced to choose between these two types of plans:

  • Traditional plans that offer “unlimited” data but at 2G speeds
  • Plans with fast data and a high-quality experience, but in too limited quantity or too expensive for most budgets.

That painful decision ends today. Our new Unlimited All plans with uncapped, unthrottled data for $45/line all-in with taxes & fees already included. The plan also includes complimentary access to up to 10 GB of high-speed data abroad. And you get significant discounts and smart perks as you add more lines. 

Unlimited data in a phone plan isn’t just a nice-to-have—it’s table stakes. Giving customers enough high-speed data is essential for delivering the best experience on today’s devices. 

Uncapped. Unthrottled.

Our relentless focus on our platform technology has allowed us to adapt to these changing needs and iterate quickly. While we’ve always been able to lead the market by continuously iterating our high-speed data allotments and maximum speeds upwards, now’s the time to completely shed this limitation. Today, we’re removing those limits. Unlimited will be unlimited again today. 

2. All-in pricing.

We’re going all-in with our Unlimited All plan. Unlimited All plans now include all monthly taxes & fees. So when you sign up to pay $45 each for the Unlimited All plan, you pay just that for the uncapped, unthrottled Unlimited All plan – $45 per month and not a penny more. 

Additionally, these plans come with up to 10 GB of international LTE data per month. And users can get significant discounts and smart perks with multiple Unlimited All lines.

3. Connecting everyone and everything.

We’re going all in! Uncapped, unthrottled, unlimited.

Streamlining connectivity for the next billion devices has been an important theme for us. We’re firm believers that the number of connected devices per person will 10x over the next couple of years, and our Connectivity OS  can help our users connect those devices in faster, more efficient ways, ushering in a new era of connectivity. 

That’s why we were so excited about releasing a new dashboard for making connecting dozens and hundreds of devices more comfortable. We also released Usage Analytics that enables you to understand even more about how you use much talk, text, and data.

Read on to learn more about how we’re improving the connectivity experience for multiple devices with our new updated plans. 

New family plans

Just like your family, our plans are better when together. Since we’ve introduced our family plans we’ve seen MANY customers bring their family and friends to US Mobile. We’ve seen the number of unlimited lines per user increase by 20% since we started. We want to make it even easier for people to maximize their savings. 

We’re thrilled to announce new all-inclusive rates for our family plans. With 2 unlimited lines the cost is $30/line, taxes & fees included. With 3 or more lines the cost is $25/line. Taxes & fees are already included. So, when a family of four signs up to pay $25 each for unlimited all plans they’ll only be paying $25 for each line, not a penny more.

Plans still include unthrottled, uncapped data, up to 10GB of LTE international roaming for FREE, as well as our phenomenal perks like Netflix and Spotify subscriptions on us. 

Pooled plans

Pooled plans are just around the corner, and we’re really excited to share them with you. We’ve already on track to have 60 technical releases related to pooled plans—which is one-fourth of all the releases we have done last year (iOS App, Android App, React Web, UNlimited All plans, Unlimited Bundles, Family Plans, Perks program, eSIM plans, international roaming, WiFi calling to name a few). That’s just how significant this is for us.

We’re going all in! Uncapped, unthrottled, unlimited.

These plans will be great for people and families who don’t need data at all or only need it occasionally for those infrequent road trips or using Spotify on car rides. You get the convenience of one bill and all the data from your lines in one big pool to share between all connected devices.

Say goodbye to compromise

We’re going all in! Uncapped, unthrottled, unlimited.

These plans and features represent a meaningful step in the way you can handle all your connectivity needs in our Connectivity OS —helping you be more connected more seamlessly. These plans and updates we’re announcing today are the most significant update we’ve made to our unlimited plan. We’ve always focused on making connectivity delightful, and now we’ve upleveled the US Mobile experience on the unlimited side. Hopefully, others will follow suit and move the industry forward. 

Update: August 13, 2021

As of today users on Unlimited plans may notice slower speeds on our Super LTE lines after reaching 75GB.

The truth — across the carrier industry — is that offering fully uncapped data is a challenge. There will always be the smallest fraction of customers that will take advantage of our unlimited data to run up enormous data usage on modems and routers, that make it harder for us to offer lower prices to the rest of our customers.

We could have kept fully uncapped plans and maintained positive unit economics, but the impact of extreme data usage on our overall margins would mean sacrifices to support those 0.1% of customers — including sacrificing hires on our Product Support team, which we ultimately decided wouldn’t be worth it. As proud as we are about offering the best plans possible, we are also proud to offer some of the best product support in the industry and want to continue our investments there to continue building an unparalleled customer experience.