Mauritius - The Dream You Can Afford, US Mobile brings you 9 great data plans

Mauritius – The Dream You Can Afford, US Mobile brings you 9 great data plans

Are you looking for a tropical island getaway? If yes, then you better hurry up because Mauritius has a lot to offer. While the subtropical island country is known for its magnificent islands and mountains, you might want to pay a visit to the local villages, not to mention the incredible artifacts from a French colony.

When visiting one of Africa’s wealthiest destination, why not go ahead and make the most out of it. From Port Louis’s streets to resorts in Mont Choisy, the riveting deep sea fishing experience at Rivière Noire, you need to have it all.

Sunset view from the beach in Mauritius.

While you’re traveling between those majestic islands, sky-high mountains, or you’re somewhere in the middle of the extensive sea bed. We want you to have a stable network connection for hassle-free travel. Therefore we’ll share the best network providers in the country.

Best network providers in Mauritius

Mauritius has three leading fixed network operators, my.t, Emtel, and Chili. Now all of them may have different plan offerings, but we have picked up the best for you. Although these networks have day plans and bundles for a few days, we recommend you stick with the monthly plan due to the high data limits. It’s better safe to be sorry when you’re stuck in one of those islands with an emergency and you’re out of data.

Price comparison table of data plans

CarrierSmall PlanMedium PlanLarge Plan
my.t5 GB – 449 MUR10 GB – 999 MUR50 GB – 2999 MUR
Emtel5 GB – 449 MUR8 GB – 649 MUR50 GB – 949 MUR
Chili2.5 GB – 425 MUR5 GB – 800 MUR10 GB – 1400 MUR

While Emtel seems to be the most popular network provider in the island country, know that none of these networks can guarantee coverage across the country. So if you wish to travel from the mountains to the white sand beaches, you have to be careful.

How do I get these local plans?

If you’re up for these plans, you have three options here. You can get them through a USSD code, app, or website. But do know that these plans will require you to present some valid identification, for instance, a passport or an equivalent ID.

Benefits of using eSim/devices that support eSim

When you’re on vacation, do you feel like presenting your passport to every other network provider, not to forget, looking for a cheaper plan from the Flic En Flac beach to the Grand Baie. Aren’t vacations supposed to be hassle-free?

How about adding an eSim for international data roaming purposes. With an eSim, you get an instant data connection as soon as you land in the capital city of Port Loui… An eSIM takes just a minute to activate, so you don’t need to be concerned about the time spent setting it up at all. You can set up an eSim before you reach the baggage claim counter!

You never know with a local network provider. What if the local airport kiosk is closed or there are too many lines to go through. You don’t want to end up in an airport queue on the first day of your vacation. eSims can be your perfect escape hatch to a stress-free vacation, and you’re just one email away from getting one.

As easy as it gets!

Adding an eSim line for Mauritius on US Mobile Dashboard.

All it takes to get an eSIM with US Mobile is:

1. Check if your device is eSIM compatible.

2. Sign up and sign in to your dashboard.

3. “Add a line” and choose your plan.4. Install your digital eSIM, and you’re good to go!

US Mobile Plans

We at US Mobile are always on the lookout for the best cell phone plan possible. Therefore, if your phone is eSim compatible, you will have the ability to connect to all of the networks available—our eSIMs switch to the carrier with the most robust network in a given area through smart coverage. You can check the plans out in more detail here.

Here are the plans available in Mauritius:

1 GB – $28
3 GB – $56

If you are traveling, look no further!

If you are looking for network options for your holiday in Mauritius, have no worries. Your search comes to an end, right here with US Mobile. All you need is an eSIM compatible phone, and then you will indeed have the adventure to remember. Besides, who doesn’t love the thought of scuba diving in the Cathedral!