Travel to Italy today with these 15 new roaming plans!

Travel to Italy today with these 15 new roaming plans!

As beautiful as everybody says it is, Italy, the country along the Mediterranean Coastline isn’t as much about towering monuments and arching sculptures of dead empires, it’s much more than that.

It’s the little, improbable things. The margins, the outskirts of Italy that are interesting.  It’s an unnamed café on the street side offering quintessentially the best Italian risotto that you will talk about for years to come on holiday. Simple and sublime much like the landscape of the vast Italian geography.

As it allures its travelers into worn-out classical history, it manages to encompass its material integrity. As central Italy, Tuscany, and Eastern Umbria, “the green heart of Italy” offers fertile plains, blooming hilly gardens, and river valleys, not much far, to the North are the icy glaciers of the Alps and Dolomites. With the Southern region being occupied by Vatican City’s wild and rocky mountain ranges, it also houses three of the world’s most famous and active volcanoes:  Etna on Sicily, Vesuvius near Naples, and Stromboli on a small Sicilian island.

But this diverse geographical landscape might just ruin the charm of a chaotic mix of people and culture with a bad cellular connection. Which is why it might be important to cover all bases technology before you board that flight to Italy.

Best Network Providers in Italy

Before you choose a network, ask yourself, what is it that matters to you the most, and what are the things that you’re willing to sacrifice? Questions like, how often are you going to be online? Does a cheaper plan matter? Or is it the high speed, trustworthy coverage you’re after?

If nothing but coverage matters to you, your go-to should be Vodafone and ho. Mobile. Hint hint: the Alps! If you’re thinking about a network that wouldn’t create a dent in your pocket, maybe think about Iliad Italia. If speeds are what you’re after, TIM is your best friend but again, all of this boils down to your personal preferences. Tre for its noteworthy customer service. Wind is trustworthy but probably not good enough for hilly areas.

Our data plans:

Here’s an approximate of what data is going to cost you per GB of internet.


Small planMedium planLarge plan
Giga Start Plan
2.5 GB: US$11.22

Giga Extra Plan
5 GB: US$22.44

Giga Maxi Plan
10 GB: US$33.66
Internet No Stop Plan
1GB: US$5.62

Internet No Stop Large Plan
2GB: US$8.43
5GB: US$13.48
TIM Viaggio Pass
10 GB: US$22.45
TIM Tourist SIM
15 GB: US$22.45


Naviga 5
5 GB: US$5.94

Naviga 10
10 GB: US$11.87
Iliad Italia
40 MB in Italy and the EU for US$5.93 per month
Giga 50
50 GB: US$9.49 per month.

How Do I Get These Local Plans  

If you’re in Italy for a while and data roaming is getting too much for you, you might want to consider switching to local plans and even local SIMs for that matter. In order to get an Italian SIM card, you need to first make sure you phone complies with the Italian telecom network, or else you’re required to pay to unlock it.

Like some other countries, it is easy to buy a prepaid SIM card in Italy with permanent plans (abbonamento), which last between twelve to twenty-four months in total. To purchase a SIM however you need to provide an identity card, a tax code (codice fiscal), and an address. SIM cards can be bought anywhere anytime, even online but with it is required a minimum credit for phone calls. Apart from the minimum required limit, one can buy monthly prepaid packages most of which can be topped or purchased from local markets, ATMs, or even online.

Benefits of using an eSIMs

But why go through the hassle of that when eSIMs have done it for us? eSIMs just aren’t based on better manufacturing design but also exist digitally. These embedded eSIMs exist in some phones, iPhone(s), Motorola(s), Google Pixel(s) to name a few, and store themselves as profiles in these devices. They take up no space and are tremendously easy to install.

Practically eliminating all the hassle of switching SIMs while traveling, eSIMs are pre-paid services that connect to the best providers in your country of travel consequently giving you the best cellular network experience.

As Easy As It Gets and US Mobile Plans

Travel to Italy today with these 15 new roaming plans!

With US Mobile, our international coverage lets our customers connect with local network providers wherever you go. This means, as soon as your phone detects the best signal strength it will automatically connect to that network. This way, virtually eliminating all need to pick one best carrier in the area.  

And the process of getting an eSIM and picking a plan is even easier. We’ll tell you how.
1. Sign up with us on or using our apps.
2. log in to and pick an international data plan of your choice.
3. Pay, install your eSIM, and leave the rest to us!

If you are traveling, look no further!

If you’re traveling, your hunt for eSIMs should end here. All you need is an eSIM compatible and that’s about it. We’re here to make your traveling plans hassle-free and enjoyable and with our 24/7 customer service, let that be a testament to our concern for you!  

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