US Mobile social media graphic featuring a rocket on a launchpad ready for liftoff against a vibrant blue background. Above the rocket, text reads 'We have liftoff. All new plans, features, and innovations.' The US Mobile logo is displayed prominently at the top.

Introducting Unlimited Flex, Boosted Security, Top Ups and more!

What a spectacular start we’ve had this year! US Mobile is thrilled to roll out a series of exciting updates that are set to redefine your mobile experience. It’s a long one, so strap in for the mothership of all release announcements!

Introducing the Unlimited Flex Plan

We’re excited to introduce the new Unlimited Flex Plan, available for just $15/month (paid annually) and $20/month (paid monthly — will be available in the next few weeks). You get unlimited talk, text, and data with 10 GB of High Speed Data every month. This plan also replaces our extremely popular annual 10 GB plan, providing more flexibility without any data cap restrictions.

Key updates include:

  • Unlimited Data: After using 10 GB of Premium Data, continue enjoying unlimited data with consistent, reliable speeds tailored for continuous use.
  • Hotspot Access: 5 GB/month on annual for $30/yr. 
  • International Texting/Calling: Like the previous 10 GB plan, still included!

The Unlimited Flex plan is the most affordable unlimited plan on the market. It’s the perfect blend of speed and value, ensuring you’re always connected without breaking the bank. 

For customers on our previous annual 10 GB plan, you’ll be automatically grandfathered and can hold onto that plan. However, if Unlimited Flex catches your eye, just reach out to customer support to upgrade. 

Enhanced Data Top Up Options

We’ve also just revamped our data Top Up options to give you even more flexibility. Plus, we’ve introduced High Speed Data Top Ups for the first time on our Unlimited plans! As usual, unused Top Ups will roll over once into the next cycle (except for Unlimited plans). Buy the data you need in our web or mobile apps. Here’s the breakdown:

Unlimited Flex, Starter, and Premium (monthly and annual):

  • + 5 GB High Speed and Hotspot Data for $10

I also want to emphasize that your data is unlimited on Unlimited Plans — the Top Ups are about keeping your High Speed Data even after you’ve used it all up. If you’ve got a need for speed, they’re your one-way ticket to a thrill 😉

Light and Kosher plans (monthly and annual)

  • + 100 MB for $2
  • + 1.5 GB for $5
  • + 5 GB for $10

Two-Factor Authentication via Authenticator App

At US Mobile, your safety, security, and privacy are at the core of everything we do – it’s not just a feature but a foundational cornerstone. We’re dedicated to putting you in control, offering top-notch security, and leading the way with transparent privacy. We were one of the first carriers to use profile fingerprinting to detect anomalous behavior and also the first to offer a host of premium security features for free. Now, we’re excited to announce that we’re the first major consumer wireless carrier to offer two-factor authentication (2FA) with your preferred authenticator app. 

Easily set up 2FA in the Settings tab of your dashboard, and be sure to add both a primary and secondary 2FA method (email and SMS also available) for seamless access to your US Mobile account.

This has been a long-requested feature, so our customers should credit for this! The first 100 r/usmobile members to set up 2FA via an authenticator app on their account and share on Reddit will get a unique flair added to their account. Just please remember not to post any personal info (in fact, any PI will be an automatic disqualification—you gotta be serious about security here).

Welcome, Apple Pay & Google Pay

Making payments has never been easier or more secure with US Mobile. Now you can use Apple Pay and Google Pay for autopay settings and one-time payments. Activate new lines, manage autopay, or top up your data—all with the convenience and security of your preferred mobile payment method.

A Sneak Peek at What’s Next

US Mobile is always looking forward, and we’ve got some exciting features in the pipeline as we gear up for our Deathstar network launch. Here’s a taste of what’s to come:

  • Network Transfer: Easily switch between Warp 5G, GSM 5G, and soon, Deathstar, to always have the best network experience.
  • Shareable Data Free Trial: Try multiple lines on our networks with a single free trial, making it easier to find the perfect fit for you and your people.
  • Data Saver Mode: Manage your data more efficiently with new tools designed for our Warp 5G lines, including adjustable data speeds and video resolution.
  • Improved Usage Analytics and Notifications: Get deeper insights into your plan usage with enhanced analytics and more responsive notifications.
  • Mobile App Redesign: Look out for a fresh new look and enhanced functionality in our iOS and Android apps.

Your Feedback Powers Our Innovation

We at US Mobile are fueled by your thoughts, feedback, and engagement. Every comment and suggestion is valued as we strive to offer the best mobile experience. So, dive into these new features, and let us know what you think!

Stay connected, stay secure, and enjoy the mobile freedom US Mobile brings to your world.