The Quest for the Best 4 Kosher-Friendly, Internet-Free Phones

The Quest for the Best 4 Kosher-Friendly, Internet-Free Phones

In the sea of smartphones, it can be hard to know which way is up. It can be even harder to understand your options. But before we dive into those, you may be asking yourself:

Why Opt for a Kosher-Friendly Phone?

  • Spiritual/religious reasons
  • Digital Minimalism
  • Parental Controls are built-in for free
  • More affordable monthly phone plans

No matter the reason, each of these devices has its own unique advantages outside of the mass market. And for what it’s worth, but a phrase I keep coming back to re: digital minimalism is:

In order to become someone you’ve never been, you’ve got to do things you’ve never done.

I reference it because while purchasing one of these phones might seem like a drastic jump into digital minimalism, you might be surprised how going cold turkey positively impacts your goals. If you’re looking to kick your phone/social media/scrolling habit, taking away those capabilities entirely could be a lifeline.

Before we begin, there are levels to this.

One thing I want to highlight within this article (as opposed to my dumbphone roundup) is that all of these phones are certified Kosher and have a “Kashus Level.” Kashus Level refers to how Kosher these devices are. This means at their most basic level, these phones can only call.

The Quest for the Best 4 Kosher-Friendly, Internet-Free Phones

However, some buyers are okay to have a bit more functionality without conflicting with their beliefs and practices, whether those are rooted in religion or tech self-discipline. None of these devices have a traditional browser, but they can use the Internet for specific apps to help you navigate your daily life. Typically you can either choose an App Bundle with preloaded (and pre-approved) apps or submit the apps you need them to add for you.

All this to say, anyone can enjoy the limited functionality these Kosher devices offer, whether it’s for religious beliefs or a digital detox. Plus, being able to customize the apps you have allows you to be intentional about how you use (and don’t use) your phone.

Top 4 Kosher-Friendly Phones

No matter what kind of functionality you’re looking for, this list covers the gamut of internet-free, Kosher certified devices – I’m sure you’ll find one within your budget and preferred set of features!

1. Qin F30 Kosher – $333


The Qin F30 Kosher marries simplicity with durability. It’s designed for ease, with large buttons and a clear display, making it ideal for those who value straightforward communication over digital complexity. It really is a modern device that prioritizes traditional communication needs (and not much else).

For this device, there are 2 options: one without apps and one with apps. The Talk and Text-only version also has the Video player blocked completely, so there’s no chance of being glued to your screen.

The version with apps includes Gmail, Uber, Weather, and Waze. No doom-scrolling, no inappropriate content to happen upon, and true disconnection (without isolation). It is perfect for someone who lives in a major city and wants to get around without all of the other nonsense.

Overall, I’m a fan! It’s basic, but with those extra features, I think this really does make a case for an obvious switch. The Qin F30 Kosher retails for $333.

2. Kosher Samsung Galaxy S20fe – $429

The Quest for the Best 4 Kosher-Friendly, Internet-Free Phones

This variant of the Samsung Galaxy S20fe strips down to the essentials in a kosher-friendly format, offering the premium feel of a high-end smartphone, all without the Internet. It’s perfect for those who appreciate the design and quality of Samsung but desire a focused, internet-free experience.

This probably would be the easiest option if you’re already coming from a fully-equipped smartphone or if you want to blend in. Some of these other phones will most likely be conversation starters (ahem… flip phones) so if that’s not your vibe, this could be great.

The Kosher Samsung Galaxy S20fe retails for $429.

3. TCL FLIP – $99

The Quest for the Best 4 Kosher-Friendly, Internet-Free Phones

Looking to go analog? I recommend a rotary phone. Looking to go back to the early aughts? The TCL Flip has you covered.

Reviving the classic flip phone design, the TCL FLIP caters to those nostalgic for a physical phone to open and close, combined with the functionality of modern technology. Its simplicity and durability make it an attractive option for minimalists and those seeking a break from the smartphone norm.

One thing I love about this device is that you have the option to purchase a version with more apps than what comes on the stock version. Apps like Weather and Waze are included in specific models of this phone, but they still won’t allow you to connect to the Internet through a browser. This would be perfect for those looking to disconnect but rely on GPS to get aorund. Being able to navigate through Waze or double-check if you need to grab an umbrella is a game changer.

You can even purchase a version of the Flip that can **give you access to a Gmail account if you need it for work. This could be a perfect middle-of-the-road tool for you if you may not be able to fully disconnect (for whatever reason).

I do think that there is a learning curve here though, since you’d be going back to a T9 keyboard for all of your communications. If you’ve been using a smartphone already, this might be a tedious and frustrating transition.

The TCL Flip retails for $99 (which is a small price to pay to slam your phone shut dramatically after a heated phone call. Just saying).

4. Mindful Mind Phone – $279

The Mindphone finds itself a step ahead of the Qin F30 (mentioned earlier in this list), and that’s because, in addition to the T9 keyboard, the screen actually is a touchscreen. Hate using physical keys for texting? Not a problem. A full QWERTY keyboard appears on the touchscreen for you. Is it as perfect or as fast as we may be used to on iPhones? No, and that’s okay.

Plus the T9 keyboard here has traditional Hebrew characters alongside the English characters. If that’s your jam, then this phone is for you.

However, if that’s really not your thing, I have some good news: Greentouch CEO Ari Greenfeld is planning on creating a broader version that doesn’t include the Hebrew keys and may have some more capabilities (Transit? Basic email? Spotify? Fingers crossed!).

I’d love it if the Mindphone could allow for the customization that a few of these other devices do. Beyond keyboard needs, having access to a few Internet-based apps (Maps, Uber, Gmail even…) would put this phone at #1 in my opinion. Want even more good news? This phone is constantly being updated, meaning the extra goodies you’re looking for may come sooner than you’d expect.

This Mindphone sits right at $279, which includes a year of Unlimited Talk + Text on US Mobile. A pretty sweet deal if you’re looking to quickly disconnect (while still staying connected. You get it).

Interested? Get the full scoop by reading our in-depth review.

Embracing Mindful Tech Consumption

Ultimately, there is a new wave of digital minimalism on the horizon and these devices could be your ticket. By choosing devices that align with our values, we can foster a healthier relationship with technology and ourselves, prioritizing real-world connections and personal well-being over digital distractions.

If you’ve ventured into the world of simpler tech or are considering it, let us know what your experience has been! Or if you’ve used any of these devices, leave a comment and share your thoughts!

*All prices listed are rounded up to the nearest dollar and are accurate at the time of posting (March 2024).