Internet of Things

You Heard About IoT But Do You Really Get It?

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things, IoT in short. You may or may not have heard of it. It’s a phrase that’s becoming more and more prominent in the tech world.

What does it mean? Gartner defines it as “the network of physical objects that contain embedded technology to communicate and sense or interact with their internal states or the external environment”. Did that make sense? Probably not. Simply put, it is the concept of connecting all devices that can be turned on or off, with each other, through the internet. Beyond smartphones and tablets, examples of devices include:

  • Cars
  • Medical devices
  • Fitness trackers
  • Smartwatches
  • Security and logistic systems

While IoT isn’t a new concept or market, it definitely is a rapidly evolving one. There are currently about 1 billion connected devices (approx. six devices per household) in the US. By 2021 that figure is expected to triple. Technologies like 5G are growing rapidly too and by 2028, the global 5G market is expected to reach $664.75 billion as per this article.

US Mobile was founded with IoT in mind

IoT devices

When US Mobile was founded back in 2014, we set out to provide affordable cell phone plans. However, we also wanted to provide companies in the IoT space with affordable options to connect their devices to the world. Inserting a US Mobile SIM card into any device could instantly allow the device to communicate and transfer data anywhere.

Therefore US Mobile enables a wide range of industrial and consumer IoT applications, including logistics tracking, alarm systems, and wearables. All use GSM SIM cards to operate.

Let’s say you have installed some kind of sensor, maybe at the front door of your house. Every time someone passes the sensor, you receive a text message notifying you about the activity. You’ll finally be able to tell exactly what time your significant other (or kids) get home. How clever is that?!

The IoT market is exploding

As mentioned earlier, the Internet of Things is evolving, and the growth rate of connected devices is staggering. Earlier this year, the industry reached a significant milestone when the growth of connected cars surpassed smartphones. In his Q2 US Market Update, IoT and wireless analyst Chetan Sharma reports that IoT (including connected cars) net adds exceeded phones and tablets combined for the first time ever.

Since US Mobile’s plans are completely flexible, a device that only needs texts will have no issue signing up for an affordable text-only plan (starting at $2 per month). We also provide a separate login for companies to a dashboard with real-time data, giving the account holder a good overview of usage and costs.

This is in line with Neil Postlethwaite’s, director of the IBM Watson IoT Foundation platform, a projection that IoT will be the “single greatest source of data on the planet” within the next two years. At US Mobile, we’re all about collecting and interpreting data to offer our customers the best solutions.

Stay tuned for more updates on US Mobile’s new connectivity!

Image Source: PC Quest