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Your “Unlimited” Phone Plan is Extremely Limited

There is no such thing as an Unlimited Cell Phone Plan, and if you are paying for one, you are probably flushing money down the toilet. There is growing controversy around phone plans sold as “unlimited” yet chock-full of limits!

These carriers use fine-print to list all types of restrictions and do not provide unlimited service as you might expect. In particular, you may find that streaming video is delivered at a lower quality. The internet gets throttled (meaning intentionally slowed down) after you cross some data usage threshold or if your device is switched to run on a Wi-Fi hot spot.

Furthermore, according to JD Power, “unlimited” plans are expensive, and the average American’s monthly cell phone bill is $70 per phone. At US Mobile, we know that most of you don’t actually need unlimited talk, text, and data.
The average US Mobile customer uses just 125 minutes of talk, 150 text messages, and 250MB of data each month. That means that if you’re an average customer, you’ll spend just $15/month with US Mobile.

Millennials, who tend to use more data but aren’t too keen on talking on the phone, can get 2.5GB data, 100 minutes, and 100 texts for $27/month.

We know that different people have different needs and that’s why all of our plans are fully customizable and there are no hidden fees or overages.

Custom plan builder on US Mobile dashboard.

We will also never lock you into a plan, and our user-friendly dashboard allows you to quickly and easily monitor your usage and top up or downgrade at any time.

If you are switching from a monthly plan to a no-contract provider, it’s important to know how much data you’re actually using each month.

Check your latest bill or go online to your account to see how much talk, text, and data you use in an average month and compare what you are paying now with what you would be paying at US Mobile by checking the pricing menu below.

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Stop paying for what you don’t use or don’t even get in certain cases. Visit our Plans Page now and choose the plan most suitable to you.