Save Data on Facebook with a Few Simple Clicks

So you’ve already started saving money by ditching your unlimited plan, for a better plan that fits you’re needs. Now what? How about we cut down your data usage even more!

It’s no secret that the Facebook app is a data hog. All those pictures, auto-playing videos, and status updates burn through a data plan quickly. While we can’t stop your friends from sharing funny cat videos, we can stop those videos from automatically playing when we’re not on Wi-FI, and save data automatically.

Save Data on Android

If you have an Android phone or tablet, you’re in luck because the Facebook Android app has a built in data saving feature.

Android Save Data Facebook

Go to Facebook Settings and tap on the 4th option”Data Saver

Android Save Data Facebook

Tell just toggle the switch on the right to turn it on.

Save Data on iPhone

While there is not data saver option for iOS devices, you can still turn off Autoplay videos

US Mobile Facebook save data

Go to Facebook Menu

save data Facebook settings

Tap on Settings at the bottom


Choose Account Settings


Tap on Videos and Playlists

autoplay facebook

Then Autoplay


Since Facebook automatically selects “On Mobile Data and Wi-Fi connections,” go ahead and choose either “On Wi-Fi Connections Only” or “Never Autoplay Videos”

And it’s that simple! In just a few steps you could be saving a few bucks in data usage every month. Even better you’ll most likely  see your battery burn less quickly. 


5 Student Discounts That Make You Victorious

Let’s face it, college life can be expensive, and every penny counts. Especially when you’re spending money while not making any. Whether you’re taking all your dirty laundry back home when you visit your parents or joining clubs just for free food, here are a five student discounts that will help you win at adulting in college.

Discount food

1.  Food

What do you do when you’re sick of eating cup of ramen noodles? You seek outside food. While this is a good way to mix up your diet and diversify your taste palate, you’re wallet tends to take a hit.

Instead use your student ID to get 10% off food and coffee at Waffle House, get a free drink at many Chipotle locations, take advantage of student meals at your local Subway, or enjoy 15% off your next FroYo at most TCBY’s nationwide.

Pro Tip: Your student government may have scored you some additional discounts at local restaurants, and coffee shops. So be sure to look for your school logo for potential student discounts as well.

Discount clothing

2. Clothing

Looking to get a new jacket for the winter?  Want new shoes to wear around campus? While waiting for a sale is always your best bet, it can be even sweeter when you combine extra student discounts. Flash your student ID at the register to get 10-15% off at trendy retailers like J. Crew, Banana Republic, Club Monaco, Top Shop, and Urban Outfitters.

Pro Tip: Your student discount is good as long as your student ID is valid, so feel free to use your discount after graduation. Maybe get a new suit or outfit for that important job interview?

Discount Phone Service

3. Phone Service

Stop paying for minutes and texts you don’t use and don’t need. Instead try switching to a carrier like US Mobile that allows you to pay for what you use. They have a slick dashboard that let’s you easily keep track of your usage, you can snooze service when you’re on vacation, and their no contract so you’re not locked into anything.

74% of Students who use US Mobile have 1GB or data or less, and pay on average $9 per month. Why is this? They’ve realized that they’re on WiFi most of the time either on campus or at home and rarely use cellphone data. Furthermore, the days of calling your friends and talking for hours on end are behind us, so there’s no point in paying for an unlimited talk plan you barely use.

Use your .edu email on their student discount page to get a free SIM card, and check out plans that start at $9 per month.

Pro tip: Check out this blog post on how to cut your plan even further by doing things like turning off background app refresh.

Discount Drinks

4.  Drinks

While not so much a student discount, this is neat trick to save some extra bucks. Many restaurants charge you $20 and up for a bottle of wine to pair with your dinner. Skip the extra cost by looking for BYOB (bring your own bottle) restaurants that let you bring your own bottle (like a Trader Joe’s Two Buck Chuck). While some may charge a cork fee (typically under $10) you still get more drink for your buck, especially when going with a friend or two. Even if a restaurant isn’t listed as BYOB, it never hurts to ask.

Pro Tip: Make your next brunch more affordable by sticking to BYOB places. Bring a bottle of champagne or prosecco and order some orange juice and make your own DIY mimosas.

5.  Trips Home

Discount Commuting

Heading home for the holidays? Taking the bus or train? Well you’re in luck because both Greyhound and Amtrak offer student discounts on tickets. Amtrak offers 15% on travel all year long when book 3 days in advance. While Greyhound offers 20% off travel via the Student Advantage card.

Pro Tip: When you take Amtrak and Greyhound you don’t have to worry about weight restrictions. Which translates to more dirty laundry you can have your mom wash, and more holiday food you can bring back.

Taking advantages of these student discounts will help you cut down on your expenses. It also, frees funds up for important things like coffee.

Our Business Page is Live – Connecting All Devices

Business Plans

Our Business Page is finally launched and ready to connect all types of devices! Developing a dedicated business page for connected devices was a natural next step and was supported by testimonials like below:

US Mobile allows us to use their SIM cards in any connected device. We use their SIM cards in our GPS trackers to monitor equipment around the country.

The customer support I received was second to none. They’re fast, efficient, and actually a pleasure to call. I’ve even spoken to them after midnight!

We know we go on and on about how flexible and affordable plans we have but there is a reason for it. Let’s say you just want a text plan to support your alarm system or GPS tracker. For $4 per month you have a wireless connection that supports the average need of a home security system. More about that on our Alarm Page. $4 is hard to beat!

SIM Cards at Bulk Discount Pricing

If you are a business owner needing multiple lines you can also take advantage of our SIM card bulk pricing. When you add multiple SIM cards on the Get SIM page, the discount is applied automatically. Pricing looks as follows:

# of SIM Cards          1-9        10-99       100-999   1,000-4,999       5,000+
Price per SIM        $3.99         $3.00           $2.50         $2.00         $1.50

We believe business owners should be able to get wireless connectivity in a simple way, at a great value. By switching to US Mobile a small business with 20 lines of average talk text and usage will save approx. $13,000 per year.

If you have a business account, you will also access our real-time business account dashboard. The dashboard allows you to monitor all lines’ usage and top-up when you are running low. In order to make it as simple as possible, we provide you with one monthly invoice for all lines in your business account.

We hope you will enjoy our page and new offer. Feel free to email us for more information about partnerships.

WiFi Calling Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be

WiFi Calling

All eyes were on Google last week as it rolled out Pixel and Pixel XL, two new in-house devices launched in partnership with Verizon. And as CNET reports, we now have word that the Pixel can also be used with Google’s Project Fi—which begs the question: Is WiFi calling actually worth it?

At first glance, the answer appears to be yes; but closer inspection reveals some potential pitfalls.

Programs like Project Fi work in concert with major carriers. The idea (and marketing push)  is to offer cheaper wireless service by toggling calls between WiFi and cellular coverage from big-player networks. In other words, automatically connecting to WiFi hotspots could possibly translate to lower service costs. Project Fi is already in action, with Comcast slated to launch its own program next year.

In theory, it sounds like a good idea, but there are definitely a few caveats. For starters, the pricing model bundles in talk and text together, which is problematic for a number of reasons. Today’s mobile users are pivoting more and more from voice to text. According to a 2015 report from Informate, Americans send and receive five times as many daily texts as phone calls.

One Glove Does Not Fit All (and Neither Does WiFi Calling)

This is precisely why US Mobile customers can create their own customized plans—no two users are alike; some only need 100 minutes of talk, while others need 5,000. The point here is that taking a one-size-fits-all approach to mobile usage often translates to customers paying for more than they need.

With Project Fi, for instance, talk and text are a hand-in-hand deal. The starting point for their monthly plans is $20, which gets you unlimited calls and texting. This means that opting out of unlimited talk isn’t an option. That isn’t unlike a cable company bundling cable and Internet along with home phone service, even though most Americans have no need for a landline phone.

Data usage is another likely downside. Project Fi charges users $10 for every gigabyte of data they use. The truth is that most users will blow through one gigabyte relatively quickly. Forbes writer Shelby Carpenter calls it Project Fi’s Achilles heel, adding that unlimited talk and text plus 4GB of data will run you $60 per month. Other programs offer slightly cheaper prices, but nothing too substantial.

Data aside, what we really want to get into here is voice quality, which can be questionable when your calls are offset from cellular to WiFi. Some who have tried it say that call quality can be choppy or distorted. Others have reported issues with lag time when making WiFi calls. What’s more, if you’re talking on the go, call quality may become compromised if you go out of range of the WiFi network.

The kinks of WiFi calling show no signs of being ironed out anytime soon, which means that US Mobile will continue offering affordable build-your-own plans. As the old saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”


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To Auto Pay or Not Auto Pay, That is the Question

Auto Pay Save Time

When time is the most expensive resource everyone has at one’s disposal, we understand how imperative your time is. That’s why we try to save you some. US Mobile offers the feature of Auto-Payment for its patrons. What is it? What does it do? First of all, Auto Pay allows customers to start a chain reaction of reciprocal services which never get interrupted.

Set up Auto Pay

Customers can set up a default plan combination for every month, and the amount is deducted every month in return of seamless service. To set it up, you simply need to:

  1. Log in to your account,
  2. Go to dashboard and click on “Turn On Auto Pay
  3. Choose the plans, verify information and click on ”Activate Auto Pay

There are two modes of payment at US Mobile: Manual payment and Automatic payment. Manual billing requires customers to log in every month to their accounts and make the payment for the coming months. Auto Pay, on the contrary, rules out the human effort and saves time. In today’s busy world where there are a lot of vital things to worry about, trivial things such as remembering due dates for payment is easy to forget. And the last thing you want is to get your services suspended. Auto Pay, in the midst of all this chaos, offers you a liberty, and a tranquility that we have got your back.

Sounds promising, right? No matter who you are and what you do, you are going to need one less thing to worry about, one less of a hassle, right? Exactly! Please know that once you’ve set it up, you can still make changes. It is totally redeemable and can be configured. If your priorities or consumption changes, no worries! You can configure your plan to fit your personal needs. Just go to the same dashboard you enabled it from, click on “Configure Auto Pay”, choose updated plans, verify the information and click on “Update Auto Pay”. Don’t want it anymore? No problem, go ahead and disable it. Same drill, dashboard, to “Turn Off Auto Pay” and that’s it!

Snooze your Cell Phone Plan

Another feature we would like to remind you of is the “Snooze Option“. If you are for instance moving abroad for a shorter span of time and want to keep your number so that when you come back, you can bring it to life and start using it. Use the snooze option, which allows you to keep your phone number active for the minimal payment of monthly service charge ($2). To set it up, you simply need to log in, set up auto-pay and not choose a plan on the plans page. Activate it and you are good to go! As long as you have money on the card on file, you’re good to go.