Save Data With Tips and Tricks From US Mobile

Save Data With Tips and Tricks From US Mobile

US Mobile is all about freedom. We focus on transparency and affordability and are always on the lookout for ways to help you save – because the truth is, you shouldn’t be paying an arm and a leg for your phone bill. Likewise, your smartphone shouldn’t be guzzling data. We want our customers to get the most out of our data plans, so we’re sharing some of our best tips and tricks to save data.

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Regulate Your Usage

A surefire way to limit your data usage is by manually controlling Cellular connectivity. It’s useful to know which apps consume data and whether those apps need cellular data access. We recommend turning off cellular data for all apps that you don’t need regular updates from. Once you do that, the apps will only update and use data when you connect to Wi-Fi.

Compress Your Data

Extend your data plan? There’s an app for that! Data compression apps work by connecting to a third-party server that compresses the data and then delivers it to your phone. Opera Max and Onavo Extend are two of our favorites. 

While video and image quality may be reduced, data-heavy social media apps like Instagram and Facebook will significantly benefit from the compression.

And don’t worry, none of these services touch encrypted data, which means that your online banking and encrypted email connection are safe – they just won’t be compressed.

Music Streaming Services

Popular audio streaming apps such as Spotify and Apple Music offer ways to listen without streaming over a network connection. Make sure to download podcasts and playlists ahead of time to save data.

Disable Facebook Autoplay

Facebook automatically plays videos in your newsfeed, which means that your phone uses data to download these videos whether you want to watch them or not. Disable autoplay videos in the Facebook app to avoid downloads unintentionally and save data.

Disable Background App Refresh

Apps often update in the background when you are not using them, and this, of course, uses data. Disabling this feature is a super simple way to save data without affecting how you interact with your phone.

By the way, we have a few hacks to help you save battery life too!

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