10 Ways To Increase Battery Life On Your Smartphone

10 Ways To Increase Battery Life On Your Smartphone

No matter what cell phone service you’re using, we all know how frustrating it can be when your phone runs out of battery, so we’ve compiled a list of 10 ways to keep your battery powering for longer.

In today’s age, smartphones have occupied the majority of our daily time. As much as they are essential to us, we also need to limit the time spent on them. That being said, we should also keep a check on our smartphone’s battery health for emergency situations.

Lower the screen brightness on your phone

Your screen is the primary battery sucker on your phone, and the brighter the screen, the faster your battery will drain. Most smartphones include an auto-brightness feature that automatically adjusts brightness.

Go easy on the location services

Another big battery sucker is location services running in the background. You can turn off certain apps’ access to location services to limit how much power they use and save on battery life.

Make sure you’ve installed the necessary software updates

In some cases, software updates can make your phone more power-efficient.

Turn off Bluetooth when you’re not using it

Remember to turn off Bluetooth when you’re not in the car or playing music wirelessly. By doing this, you can add an hour or more to your phone’s battery life.

Turn off wifi when you’re not using it

Constantly searching for a wifi connection consumes battery power. Make sure your wifi settings are turned off when you’re not looking to connect.

If you’re an iPhone user, you can check your iPhone’s battery recommendations here.

Disable push notifications

Push notifications use the excess battery because they prompt your display to light up with each alert. Disable unnecessary push notifications is a sure-fire way to save battery power.

Lower the screen timeout on your phone

Similarly, you can cut down on how often the display is turned on by lowering the time until your display turns off when not in use.

Mind the temperature

Believe it or not, temperate can play a part in depleting your smartphone battery life. Remember to keep your phone out of direct sunlight when you’re hanging by the pool all day.

Use ringtone instead of vibrate

The vibration motor process takes a lot more power than a ringtone, making a quick switch and saving battery life.

Turn on low power mode if your phone supports it

Certain smartphones have a low power mode that will limit some of the device’s background functions to save battery.

Save with US Mobile.

P.S. We have some tips on saving data too!

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