isometric 3d illustration of customer support specialists and artificial AI

Scaling Delight 🙂😀😃😄😁

US Mobile is one of the fastest-growing companies in the US (#94 on Inc), and arguably the fastest-growing carrier as well. We avoided a lot of the growing pains of most startups by investing in scalable tech and processes from the get-go.  Continuing to delight our customers, while raising expectations was also always a clear goal for us no matter how big we grew. Scaling delight was no small feat to keep up with our growth. To recruit the best candidates, we built a dynamic recruiting process, opened a new office and doubled the number of support specialists. We opened an internal US Mobile Academy in order to train our specialists to treat customers like family. And to allow them to support our clients as quickly as possible.

Conversationalizing Support 👯

Another challenge we faced when providing support on all the channels that we do (chat, email, phone, SMS, FB messenger, Twitter and more coming soon) was conversations and discussions accidentally uncoupling.  So we scrapped the various talk, email and telephone support tools we used and developed our own integrated framework that has chat, email and telephone support all in one place. For users, the primary advantage being that communications can be (and yet be asynchronous) more seamless. For example, let’s say you were requesting a Starter Kit for a friend visiting from abroad through chat on your desktop at home, but you suddenly had to step out for a bit. You can text our number, and pick up that conversation where you left off.

New Chat Experience 💬

We’ve seen more and more clients reach out to us via chat over the last couple of years. So we set out to create the most delightful chat experience out there in true US Mobile fashion. Not only did we concentrate on how every pixel and interaction on the chat would look and sound, but we also thought deeply about, researched and designed features that could help clients get the answers they want as quickly as possible.For the best experience, we decided to layer self-serve(for fast answers) and proactive support (to suggest quick tips) with human support. Check out the chat on our site. And this is just the beginning for chat. We’re making it smarter, faster and even easier to use. Stay tuned!